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Binda Bajwa - Finally [Exclusive Promos] - Out Now




Born in India, raised in Canada (1977) Binder Bajwa began singing in the early 90's and has since then released many major hits. Singing for over 20 years the buzz he gets from performing live on stage is indescribable, with each performance having its own. His talent was first discovered when way back in the day he was part of a hangra team and his team had lost their lead singer, his brother who had heard him sing before asked Binder to take up the lead role. As with most people he was hesitant, but when he performed it the crowed liked what they heard.



Since then bhangra producers and record labels have asked him to feature on albums and tracks; and first made his name working with Dj Sanj, Apache Indian and Sound Ministry, releasing albums such as America's Most Wanted I & II and the smash hit 'Tere Toor' At this moment in time Binder is working with one of North America's biggest label’s which goes by the name of Suga Kane Records who will drop his debut album this February.


Binder Bajwa's album "Finally" has the world waiting with anxious anticipation for this talented singer's first debut album. Never before has the bhangra world witnessed so much excitement around a singer that has never released an album before. Binder Bajwa's chart topping hits have come so far by way of his features on various Envy-Roma compilations since 2001, most notably Sanj's America's Most Wanted series and Apache Indian's "Teri Toor".

But now what the world has been waiting for is "Finally" here. Suga Kane & VIP Records have teamed up to bring you this massive release and will be available to buy and digitally download on the 8th February 2008. For more information on the album please visit



Track listing:

1) Tere Ishq

2) Duppatta

3) Binders Boliyan

4) Tere Toor Intro

5) Tere Toor

6) Mundri

7) Tour India

8) Ishq Remix

9) Mundri Remix

10) Assi Gabroo Punjabi

11) Nee Bhabhi Remix

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