Hardkaur feat D12 - Desi Dance (Full Video)

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Check out the full video for 'Desi Dance' featuring Hardkaur and Rap group D12! The video was shot in London between hectic schedules and while D12 were performing in the UK with Eminem

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The ‘baddest chick in the industry’ is back on the scene and she is bringing it harder than ever. Hard Kaur, the queen of South Asian hip-hop just dropped the video for ‘Desi Dance,’ the first release from her upcoming album that features Detroit based hip-hop heavy hitters D12.

‘Desi Dance’ brings Hard Kaur back to her hip-hop roots and showcases her intrinsically kooky signature style and catchy lyrics. Hard Kaur and D12 rap about everything from Bollywood icon Rekha to Rupees to sipping Maaza. The major collaboration was recorded over three continents in Detroit, London and Mumbai and heats up every club where it plays all around the world.

The video for ‘Desi Dance’ was shot in London while D12 was performing in the UK with Eminem. Hard Kaur whips out some of her now famous dance moves and rocks the house with D12 and a troupe of background dancers like no neoDesi videos have seen before. The unique fashion and quirkiness that Hard Kaur brings to her music was missed while she was taking over Bollywood music.

Hard Kaur explains, “I’ve been so mad busy with everything that I’ve been working on in India which meant that my first love had to take a back seat. I can say that I’ve made it in India in the mainstream and could be relaxing but my music fans always give me so much love and I just had to do this for them. I wouldn’t be satisfied if I didn’t create a record for them. Also, both I and D12 have had busy schedules and I wanted to do this properly and together in the same city so it’s taken a while. ”

From Birmingham to Bombay, Kaur actively launched a colossal scale hip-hop attack on Asia. The reward? Indian media hailed her as the savior of the music scene with her sound being the ‘biggest new musical concept Bappi Lahiri’s introduction to Disco’.



sam bagade
0 #7 sam bagade 2010-09-28 08:57
I think this tune is sicccck.Big up Hardkaur..F all the haters.At least she's doing good things.Her second verse is killer...ha ha "i don't need to suck my way to the top"...better then all the rubbish that comes out of u.k..
All my love and respect to hardkaur...keep going and keep it strong..
+2 #6 minister 2010-09-25 00:06
very weak tune. as well as a weak video/ wasted effort with such a big name d12.. poor job all round. not hate just pure opinion. fail.
+1 #5 Binduu 2010-09-24 20:53
im not even gonna state reasons why this is so disrepectful, shit, fudu music on so many levels.
g. money
-2 #4 g. money 2010-09-21 20:47
im loving this baby....big up to hard kaur for bringing in d12....this will do good in america for sure....dunno about england since they got some wack ass emc's except hard kaur.....haters gona keep on hating...they cant take the fact that someone indian got such a big act from america
+1 #3 ayesha89 2010-09-21 19:56
whats with the taliban costumes?
+2 #2 Anon 2010-09-21 18:41
Agreed with Rajj, just because you've got a big name on a track doesn't mean you can make less effort. The concept of the song and the video aren't congruent. There is no [censored] dance. The lyrics are weak, even from D12. Hard Kaur shouldn't get respect just because she's a girl; he delivery is lacking clarity in most parts, she tries to fit too many words into a bar. I think she's capable of much better.
+3 #1 Rajj 2010-09-21 10:45
what kind of [censored] dance is this? all i see is break-dance. its a crap video and terrible song and hard-kaurs voice makes me cringe. I dont think it makes any difference that d12 are guests on this complication becuase fact is its dull.

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