Raghav ft. H Dhami - So Much (neoDesi Remix Video)

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Raghav's momentum is going strong. After climbing up the charts in Canada and the U.K. and after a killer performance with H-Dhami at the London Mela, the dynamic duo release the official neoDesi remix video of 'So Much'.

If you think you’ve seen so much from neoDesi powerhouse, Raghav, you’re in for a special surprise. The super star who has rocked the scene with hit after hit is treating fans to the video for the neoDesi remix of “So Much” featuring H-Dhami.

Shot in London and Chicago, “So Much,” was inspired by a break up. After losing a love, Raghav was asked about the one thing in the world that always makes him happy. His answer: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Bhangra royalty, H-Dhami joins Raghav on the track and in the video as a surprise guest appearance for fans. H and Raghav debuted the neoDesi version of “So Much” live to throngs of screaming fans at the London Mela in early August.

“So Much” is Raghav’s first single off of his latest, and first Canadian album The Phoenix. With the production and various versions of “So Much,” Raghav shows his ability to startle mainstream and South Asian markets while remaining true to his art.





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