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Enkay feat the late Kaka Bhaniawala - Sadi Akh (OUT NOW)


Limitless Records presents young, fresh, talent Enkay, who is sure to make his mark on the Asian music scene with his debut single ‘Sadi Akh’.

By no means a stranger to the circuit, Enkay has worked alongside established names such as DJ H of Kudos Music and H Boss of Ritzy Entertainment, is a resident DJ at one of the biggest student nights in the Manchester – Lollipop, as well as being a prominent event promoter in the North West. Enkay is rapidly becoming a well-known name in the entertainment and DJ scene.

Building upon his experience and broadening his talents beyond DJing, Enkay has trained with various industry experts in the art of music production. Experimenting with sounds, melodies, beats and instruments have led to this young musical talent creating his own unique formula of music. A background in DJing and events has given him the advantage of knowing what works in the market place and he plans on giving Bhangra and Asian music fans exactly what they want to hear and dance to in clubs and parties this autumn.

Signed to Limitless Records, the home of the hit-making producer PBN, Enkay is gearing up to showcase his talent and release his first single ‘Sadi Akh’ featuring the vocals of the late Kaka Bhaniawala. The singer left his mark in the Bhangra industry with his distinguished voice and countless hits like ‘Jawani’, ‘Daru Pee Ke’ and ‘Dushmani’. ‘Sadi Akh’ fuses a traditional Bhangra sound with edgy western in?uences and tipped to be another massive dance ?oor hit, with careful attention being given to ensure the track does justice to Kaka’s vocals and continues the renowned Panjabi star’s legacy.

Look out ‘Sadi Akh’ by Enkay hitting screens, airwaves, iTunes and dance ?oors soon!

Enkay (UK)

Enkay/ (USA)

Enkay (CANADA)

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