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Navin Kundra - Jee Le (Video)


The time is now - The time to live it up with Navin Kundra, that is. The UK’s silky voiced crooner is back with a slick and sexy video for his latest track, “Jee Le”.

The video reflects the young, fresh sound of the single. The aerial performers  and crew of dancers surrounding Navin as he encourages to live life to the fullest, as well as the superb styling  add an edge and distinct punch to aesthetic of the video.

Navin hopes people will take a message from his video:

“I want people to feel inspired and released – released from all the pressures and reasons that they feel they can’t do what they really want to do.  I want people to feel energized and ready to take on whatever they want to. Whether you’re in a club, at the gym, in the car, at home, on holiday…this record will pull you up that extra level that you never thought was possible.”

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