G-Deep First Look on Oh Billo (Promo)

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First Look at G-Deep's upcoming album O' Billo, check out the promo that shows snippets from many different music videos. Get ready!! Album releasing very very soon in USA under Sa Re Ga Ma Label and in Southeast Asia by Times Music. G-Deep's new album O' Billo is in Hindi and will have 12 songs that range from pure bollywood flavor to hip hop fusion.

Music is produced by Jimmy-Kannu, Senjay Luckey, and Ranbir S.

Album is written and composed by G-Deep.

Check out the promo and get ready for the NEW ALBUM as G-Deep will take you on a ride that will make you feel emotional, thrilled, playful, silly, and make you dance your feet off.

"My rich culture represents me as a person and I will always work hard to represent my culture." G-Deep

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0 #7 lovelife 2010-08-11 03:53
Looks nice
0 #6 Surat 2010-08-10 14:56
He is a Talented Artist.Looks Good
Dj Stunna
0 #5 Dj Stunna 2010-08-10 14:53
Can't Wait. looks Great
-1 #4 Singhking 2010-08-09 07:57
most awaited album of 2010? SAYS WHO?
Dear lord, one of those self-titled proclaims.

If you really want to make people happy, then start learning how to sing.
-1 #3 BainsBoi 2010-08-07 15:40
what is this Sh** ahahaahaa
harmeet s
+2 #2 harmeet s 2010-08-06 05:01
videos looking good i wish they had more of the song at the end but sounding good
desi k
+2 #1 desi k 2010-08-05 19:53
Sounding really good when is the album out? Any info on that?

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