The Hits Factory - Volume 1 (Out Now)

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Having spent the last few years finalising what they see as their perfect debut album, The Hits Factory is finally scheduling release of the long awaited and much anticipated “VOLUME 1” compilation. Compiled from a fresh collective of Punjab based vocalists, and music production coming from renowned UK based production specialists Mani and Gopi Sangra – this album is looking to be one of the hottest releases of the year. The album will consist of 9 explosive tracks, along with a 2 track medley video set to air on Brit Asia TV and various websites this month.

“VOLUME 1” also see’s The Hits Factory’s latest signing (DJ Intense) showcasing production talent on the track “Desi Jatt Punjabi” with vocals by Kuldeep Toor. This album is set to introduce DJ Intense as a credible up-and-coming Bhangra producer and will be closely followed by his debut album.

The Hits Factory was set up as a music camp/label to showcase the talent offered by lesser-known artists in the industry, and main objective is to refrain from ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ and sticking to the handful of established/recognised artists already in the limelight. Not to say they cannot though, Exec. Producer and CEO Raja Gill has established good relationships with some of the industry’s most reputable artists. Namesake of the world renowned record label of the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s “Raja Entertainers ”, Raja has been raised in the industry. Drawing on experience gained from years spent with world-class music producers, directors, song-writers and of course some of Bhangra’s most legendary singers, he now oversees all creative aspects of The Hits Factory – from raw vocal acquisition through to music and video production.

'UK release, distribution and management is handled by Manj Thiara @ Five River Records.' This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Hits Factory - VOLUME 1 will be dedicated to the loving memory of Late Mani Sangra (1988-2009).

VOLUME 1 – track listing:

1. Rumaal – (Vocals: Kuldeep Toor / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

2. Deor Tera – (Vocals: Avtar Tari/Rupinder Rupi / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

3. Nachdi Nu – (Vocals: Gurmeet Khular / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

4. Gussa – (Vocals: Meet Malkit / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

5. Gal Beh Ke – (Vocals: Gurbax Shonki / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

6. Desi Jatt Punjabi – (Vocals: Kuldeep Toor / Prod.: Aneil “DJ Intense” Kainth)

7. Vadhiyan – (Vocals: Gurbax Shonki / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

8. Nach Goriyeh – (Vocals: Meet Malkit / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

9. Phulkari – (Vocals: R.K. Mehndi / Prod.: Mani & Gopi Sangra)

{audio}media/Music/Aug10/THF_VOL_1_ALBUM_SAMPLER_-_Output_-_Stereo_Out.mp3{/audio} Listen to the album sampler now!


thehits (UK) thehits (USA) thehits (Canada)


+1 #2 Deesingh 2010-08-07 13:21
Brilliant album and Video, well worth the wait!!
Good to hear traditional punjabi back at its best.......defi nitely one of the albums of the year!

Well Done Hits Factory
+1 #1 truth 2010-08-05 11:01
Album is out now!

on itunes and amazon

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