Truth and Bobby Wonda - Kya Karoon (Video)

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The wait is over! The Truth and Bobby Wonda unleash their debut single 'Kya Karoon'! With the track doing its rounds up and down the country and the video rotating on UK TV stations, the hype has just begun. This Urban Desi collaboration brings you a fun, catchy and nonchalant track with lots of celebrity name dropping.

The Truth currently featured on Friction introducing earlier this week as an artist ''to watch out for''. This musical duo to up the game in the music industry and bring back 'LIVE' music, the three piece band will see a live guitarist, Indian harmonies and the renowned and respectable music producer Mentor Beats on the drums.

Check out the video and spot some celebrities whilst the boys work out 'Kya Karoon'

Kya Karoon out now on all your favourite online music stores!

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