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DJ M & Jazzy J Aaj Kal (Out Now)


After years of performing at venues throughout the world, DJ M and Jazzy J have demonstrated their natural musical talent time and time again.  Now they look to take their careers to new heights with the release of their hotly anticipated album, “Aaj kal”. Alongside Inderjit London, a veteran of the bhangra music scene, the duo has worked tirelessly to produce an album that promises to appeal to bhangra fans around the globe.

Their debut track “Nachna” is promising to take the world by storm, featuring Inderjit London on vocals alongside undoubtedly one of the biggest names in bhangra music today, Miss Pooja!

Miss Pooja has proven to have the Midas touch with hit singles in the past, and this track proves to be no exception, with her vocals synching in harmony with DJ M’s and Jazzy J’s unique style of music.

“This album is sure to please fans of new school and old school bhangra – it’s an album that every will be able to enjoy and appreciate” DJ M said about the upcoming album.

Jazzy J added, “It’s a new approach to a style of music we’ve admired from a young age.” An album that has been 2 years in the making, DJ M and Jazzy J has seen their journey culminate in the release of “Aaj kal”