Mehsopuria - Fearless (Out September)

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After a string of International smash hits such as Puth Punjab Da, Ranglay Punjab Diyaan, Ranjha Jogi and Tumka II, Mehsopuria returns after 3 years with his new musical offering ‘ Fearless’.

Mehsopuria is undoubtedly an Icon and one of the most recognized and popular International names in modern day Punjabi music, entertaining music fans worldwide with his flamboyant and unique image, as well as his energetic Bhangra songs. The super hits of yester year are looking to surely be topped as we see the return of this unique singing sensation.

The album promises to beat all his hits so far, with a new image and new musical style get ready for an entertaining musical journey. Fearless will showcase Mehsopuria’s true talent with different styles of tracks catering for his fans across the world. The album has been produced by Kam Frantic, Q.C and Majic.

Mehsopuria has been signed to Music giants Universal India and recently joined one of UK’s most reputable record Labels ‘Moviebox UK’. MOVIEBOX are extremely proud to announce the unexpected and surprise signing of International Bhangra artist MEHSOPURIA, and prepare to unleash the huge forthcoming MEHSOPURIA project under the Moviebox label

The combinations don’t stop there, as Legendary UK producer Kam Frantic and MEHSOPURIA combine again, almost half a decade after their phenomenal past success. The anticipation for the album has been brewing worldwide. “FEARLESS” will surely be one of the biggest Bhangra music albums worldwide this year.

“We look forward to working alongside MEHSOPURIA with his long awaited album “FEARLESS”. MOVIEBOX where first involved with MEHSOPURIA back in 2003 when his debut album was released that featured the anthem “TUMKA II Says Kamraan Ahmed from Moviebox.

MEHSOPURIA’S entire back catalogue of releases which will be available soon on I-Tunes and other digital stores as well as your local music stores” Quote Kamraan Ahmed, MOVIEBOX

Mehsopuria is very excited to launch this new venture with a great new team backing him and a new style “It’s great to be working with two globally known and respected music brand names like Moviebox and Universal. With the grace of God, I believe the album will deliver” Quote Mehsopuria.

Expect the unexpected is an understatement, so get ready for the return of MEHSOPURIA, and worldwide EID release of the album titled “FEARLESS” on the MOVIEBOX label.



saurav boparai
0 #5 saurav boparai 2010-09-04 16:30
his last relese warriour was gud one but fearless is a disater
0 #4 Rajj 2010-09-03 23:21
Now he aint every1s fav person but I was looking forward to his album thinking it would be somewhat good and better than his last but yet again im disapointed with it. Its such a mediocre album. Trust me I gave it a chance by listening to it 4 times because first time around aint always fair (expect some which you seem to like straight away) but I just couldnt seem to like it. Out of the 10 tracks I liked 2 - tracks 1 and 8...though others may like more but mehso keeps going down hill...hope he does market ir better than his last because thats why his last album sunk without a trace. Goodluck
+1 #3 $1NGH 2010-08-02 20:59
why comment if ya just gonna hate, daddy's money this and tht least his dad has money, if ya got nothin good to say dont say anythin at all. AIMED AT RAJ RAJ RAJIV (the proffesional singer, who was born in the hood rock solid, knows life and how to succeed) well done to ya (h5) ya [censored]in bund.
-4 #2 RAJ RAJ RAJIV 2010-07-10 23:45
mate i thought he ran out if daadies money. mate has your dad robbed another bank as your really shit singer. MOVIE BOX loves C**TS with doe

-1 #1 RKJ 2010-07-08 09:34

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