Saqi Roadshow - Pariyan (Out Now)

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Birmingham Trio Saqi Roadshow have been at the forefront of the party DJ scene for ten years, with each of the team bringing a wealth of talent and experience through their past musical histories playing for the likes of Saqi, Pardesi, Achanak, Avtar Maniac and many others.

2005 saw them release their first album as Saqi Roadshow, entitled ‘Four of a Kind’ which featured the reproduced version of the classic party anthem ‘Rail Gaddi’ this resulted in them signing a deal with one of India's biggest record labels, T- Series.

The Saqi Roadshow boys, MANJ, AMMA and DEE have been close friends from a young age and have continued entertaining at venues across the world including Delhi, Mumbai, Europe and the annual New Year’s Desert Party in Dubai.

Manj says of the track: “When we play at parties, GIDDHA tracks always get the crowd going, so when Amma came up with the melody and Chandigarhs AVTAR KAUNKE penned the lyrics, There were only 2 singers we had in mind from the onset. MISS POOJA the queen of duets and MEET MALKIT for his powerful vocals”

MANJ AMMA and DEE then went to Chandigarh to record the vocals and to arrange the percussion with the assistance of Chandigarh Producer MONTY from Pure Hit Makers. A classic collaboration of UK and India!

DEE says “We wanted a fresh sound , a different sound for the Dholaki Tabla and Dhols so took the India approach”.

Amma adds: “We love music and we love entertaining, this track inspired us in so many ways and we just wanted to share it with the public.”

The video is directed by Punjab’s award winning Director JASPREET RAJAN.

The track out now on iTunes, released by VIP records


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This songs a smasher. when the full video out

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