Stingaman - Sting is King (Out Now)

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The Sound Pipe Records present the album, 'Sting is King', by the talented DJ, Mc & Music Producer Stingaman.

STINGAMAN is a man who needs no introduction.  As one half of the mighty DJ roadshow Sting London, Stingaman – or DJ Alu as he is known – has been in the entertainment business for over 20 years. The award winning DJ was one of the founding members of Sting Roadshow London and made his name through his unique style of mixing and incorporating his skill as a freestyle MC.

As a pioneer on the roadshow scene, Stingaman felt he accomplished the goals he set for himself as a DJ. He felt it was time to use his years of musical knowledge and hands on experience in the music industry to put together his own album showcasing his diverse musical influences and his MC skills.

It was a long time in the making but Stingaman has now completed his debut 12-track album entitled ‘Sting Is King’. With influences from Dancehall, New Age Pop, and Punjabi Folk, the album features an eclectic mix of artists from Gappy Ranks, Bakshi Billa, Surinder Shinda, Durga Rangila and Juggy D. The first track on the album to get the video treatment is ‘Penni Halle Hor’ featuring the vocals of Bakshi Billa which will air on all Asian music channels from this week.  Another video has been shot for the track ‘Lakk’ featuring the mighty Juggy D.

The track listing for ‘Sting Is King’

1. The Intro  - Stingaman
2. Lakk   - Juggy D
3. Peeni Halle Hor - Bakshi Billa
4. Bottlan   - Surinder Shinda
5. Keep Dancin  - Gappy Ranks
6. Ki Hoya  - Sabar Koti & Suzie Q
7. Gundasse  - Durga Rangila
8. For U   - Suzie Q
9. Kamlee   - Gulu Sidhu
10. Pyar   -  Neelam Kaur
11. Sassi   - Surinder Shinda
12. Lakk Remix   - Stingaman & Juggy D


Watch out of the first single ‘Peeni Halle Hor’ by Stingaman featuring Bakshi Billa dropping of the debut album ‘Sting Is King’ – OUT 2ND July 2010 on iTunes, Amazon and eMusic.

For more information about Stingaman and his forthcoming debut album please visit




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