Preeya Kalidas ft. Mumzy Stranger - Shimmy (Video)

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Check out the latest video by Preeya Kalidas for her new track ‘Shimmy’ featuring the UK’s answer to Sean Paul, the hotly tipped Mumzy Stranger.

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Her first single ‘Shimmy’ is an out of the box smash hit which takes you on a journey through the dance floor.

Preeya’s sassy, sexy, soulful pop sound combined with Mumzy’s distinctive vocals and urban sound its set to make this single this years ultimate summer anthem.

So get ready to “shimmy” this summer with Preeya Kalidas and Mumzy Stranger!


0 #6 Naym 2012-03-30 12:23
Oi "milad" or is it your real name i bet your called wasim in real life you little paedo learn to speak english you pathetic immigrant
0 #5 Milad 2012-03-30 12:21
Oh waaa kya gaana hai mai bohot pyaar karti hu preeya ke!
+1 #4 skillz 2010-06-17 01:36
go back to eastenders and sort your husband out
0 #3 tina58 2010-06-16 19:03
love the shimmy song,the video is great. but i do prefer the [censored] mix to the orginal sorry :\
dj bhuvi
0 #2 dj bhuvi 2010-06-10 12:37
chimpmunks in there lol okay she is trying but its just another urban artist, mumzy well has the talent but don't compare yourself to the real stuff
dally singh.
+1 #1 dally singh. 2010-06-10 12:36
ki shimmy shimmy gaanaa, aaj kal da lyrics :zzz

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