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The Bilz & Kashif Break Top 10 UK iTunes!


BREAKING BARRIERS BECOMES THE SIXTH MOST DOWNLOADED ALBUM ON UK iTUNES Talk about Breaking Barriers - The Bilz & Kashif, who soared to neoDesi fame with their super smash hit 2 Step Bhangra are back with a vengeance, and fans clearly think that they are better than ever. A mere one day after releasing their sophomore record, Breaking Barriers, it has rocketed to become the sixth most downloaded album on The UK iTunes chart - a feat to be celebrated and reveled by the artists.

DJ Vicious of The Bilz says, "This is a great moment for North America artists like us. We're proud to have been blessed with talent and success. We believe in longevity and we've proved it with the release of Breaking Barriers even after the long wait from our fans."

Breaking Barriers is a highly anticipated album featuring 19 tracks that range from electro pop to bhangra and Bollywood ballads. Their latest single, 'On The Dancefloor' has been tearing up the clubs and saturating the airwaves as a solid summer banger. The slick and sexy video reached over 60,000 views on YouTube in just one week.

How do The Bilz & Kashif do it? Vicious says the secret is that, "We just keep things consistent, and quality speaks for itself. We're going to keep at it until we reach #1"

Breaking Barriers is available on iTunes world wide here:

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