Kee Artist releases Crazy Video

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Raine Records introduce the Sexy Songstress 'KEE' with her debut single 'CRAZY' set for release in MAY. The very talented Singer/songwriter has already touched the hearts of many with her sultry tone and creamy vocals. Check out the full video below.

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With over 8000 downloads from her promo track Tere Bina with Arjun, this British born sensation is set to make big movements in the Asian music industry across the globe.

Kee also known as Kiran Dass is the vivacious, sassy, rock chick from Coventry. Already part of a musical family which has mesmerised us both vocally and musically, with artists such as Vee Breezy, Hunterz and Gabrielle (XLNC), Kee is the first lady to bring Hindi Pop-Rock to the UK. Having entered the industry just recently, Kee has already performed alongside major artists such as Jazzy B, Taz Stereo Nation, Imran Khan, Des-C, Navin Kundra, Surinder Rattan, Khiza and many more. If you remember AG Dollas track 'Tu Hai Mera Raja' the seductive vocals are yes, thats right & Kees.

AG Dolla states: Great vocalist, great attitude. An undiscovered star..until now!

Crazy has been produced by Charles Bosco, co-written by Kee, manager Rani Joshi (Raine Records), and mixed & mastered at the infamous Soho Studios in London.

You can expect to hear an amalgamation of futuristic sounds, a hint of Bollywood with a big dose of attitude from Kees Debut Album - Zindagi, featuring phenomenal production by Brass Tax (Universal), Arjun (Raine Records) and Charles Bosco.

Kee states: Im so excited about Crazy! It's got a really infectious hook to it, and its one of those tracks that you just can't forget easily. Its really energetic and forces you to get crazy! I've been working behind the scenes developing myself as an artist, but I won't stop here and I have so much more I want to share debut album & explodes in summer 2010!

Kee is an artiste who bears wonderful voice culture and excellent diction. Her vivacious performances and dedication to the art make her one to watch out for on the scene. Ashanti OMkar

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