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Hi-tech Music are proud to announce the release of Jr Dread’s brand new album titled ‘The Debut’, set to release digitally and in-stores on July 20th.


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jr (UK) jr (USA) jr (CANADA)

Having introduced himself to the Asian music scene with the hit rock fused single ‘Galliyan’ featuring the vocals of the internationally renowned Labh Janjua, Jr Dread continues the theme of working with the elite of Panjabi vocalists on his debut album.

Having been introduced on the Friction show on BBC Asian Network, Jr Dread’s progressive sound was showcased with the single ‘Jaan Toh Pyari’ featuring the vocals of the late Kaka Bhaniawala, which has been given the raw drum & bass treatment by Jr Dread, a genre rarely visited by Bhangra producers.

The 12 track album is laced with a vast array of different sounds and inspirations, as Jr Dread draws inspiration from his own vibrant musical upbringing. Jr Dread calls upon Bhangra heavyweights such as; Nirmal Sidhu, Amar Arshi, Labh Janjua, Surinder Shinda & the late Kaka Bhaniawala.

The songs themselves all differ from one another, reflecting on Jr. Dread’s eclectic style of production; “I didn’t want to fall down the usual route of doing an album that’s based solely on one style of music. I didn’t want to do a pure Bhangra album as I would be cheating myself and the listeners. When every track is different then there’s a reason to listen from start to finish.”

Jr Dread’s ‘The Debut’ is set for release on July 20th on Hi-Tech Music.

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Official Tracklisting

1. Galliyan - Labh Janjua

{audio}/media/Music/July10/JrDreadGalliyan(PROMO).mp3{/audio} Listen to promo

2. Daru - Amar Arshi

3. Teri Heer Nu - Sonu

4. Jaan Toh Pyaari - Kaka Bhaniawala

{audio}/media/Music/July10/Jr DreadJaanTuhPyaari(PROMO).mp3{/audio} Listen to promo

5. Maye - Sufi

{audio}/media/Music/July10/Jr DreadMaye(PROMO).mp3{/audio} Listen to promo

6. Put Sardaran De - Nirmal Sidhu

7. Tera Deor Boliyan - Labh Janjua

8. Jattan De Put - Akmal Ball

{audio}/media/Music/July10/Jr DreadJattanDePut(PROMO).mp3{/audio} Listen to promo

9. Ranjhe Heer Di Khatir - Surinder Shinda

10. Balle Balle - Ruby Bains

11. Put Sardaran De (Remix) - Nirmal Sidhu

12. Teri Heer Nu (Remix) - Sonu & Pablo Rider

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Buy the album now on iTunes via the links below!


jr (UK) jr (USA) jr (CANADA)




BAd shit
0 #8 BAd shit 2010-07-31 14:57
this guy cant even play anything just paid to have his work done by next mans.

load of fake crap again. Hi Tech is just a load of shit
+2 #7 satty_ 2010-07-27 13:27
i think the album is quite sick actually

all about jaan toh pyaari
0 #6 hitech 2010-07-20 18:25
Quoting JR Singh:
This guy is stupid enough to release his album the same day AMX`s Broken Silence came out… GENIUS!

ther on the same label, so blame the label u idiot
JR Singh
0 #5 JR Singh 2010-07-20 16:52
This guy is stupid enough to release his album the same day AMX`s Broken Silence came out… GENIUS!
+3 #4 Raaj 2010-07-15 21:41
Kaka TUNE!
+2 #3 Suneil 2010-07-15 19:17
Galliyan has seriously grown on me, i love it now!! good work Jr Dread
+5 #2 Gulsh 2010-05-01 20:30
Watched the promo video and enjoyed it. Good work and keep them coming.
Straight Up
-5 #1 Straight Up 2010-04-09 00:18
What a load of crap!!!

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