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241 goes down?


With a catchy rhythm and lyrics, Heych and Pav smashed onto our screens with their R&B debut single, ‘Sun Goes Down’.  They proved to be a fairly average hit with the younger generation, (see video below), but its still inevitable to think to whether this single was their five minutes shot at fame or a serious attempt to make it big.

The boys from Wolverhampton say to be ‘2 Minds 4 1 Dream’ and aspire to bring a new vibe into the British Asian music scene.  ‘Sun Goes Down; was definitely a track with a fresh beat but it didn’t do well as expected.  Thankfully with an injection of Tigerstyle’s genius musical twist really turned this tune around, so can you really see this tune becoming a club anthem?


Anyone remember 3Mix? Let’s hope we aren’t going to be asking the same question about 241 in a years time! Well their first ever single ‘Put It On Me’ did not really last after becoming stale, any others were not properly promoted, could it be because of an unlucky streak or maybe they just did not have the all-important star quality.  Are 241 heading for the same destiny?

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What’s it going to be? If the boys promise the collaborations then we can be expecting big stuff.  Watch this space.

Written By Miss Binish Hafeez