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Laddi Aujla - Mundrah (Listen Now)

He’s fresh, new and multi talented, Laddi Aujla releases his first single ‘Mundrah' from his forthcoming album 'The Beginning' on May 1st 2010.

Born and raised in Punjab and now living in Canada, singing has been LD’s passion since childhood. He’s not only known for his singing but also the ability to mimic voices and sing in different vocal ranges.  Mundrah gives you a sneak peak of Laddi’s ability and power in his voice alongside a super slick video with a RDB touch to it. Laddis Record Label ‘Three Records’ run by RDB keep a signature RDB touch to the music and video which make this track distinctive and fresh.

He was first discovered when Manj of RDB attended a wedding in Toronto and he was seen performing live for a breathtaking four hours non-stop. He sang every song imaginable and imitated over five different singers voices, the best one being the legend himself Gurdas Mann. Of course he showed some serious talent that Manj decided to snap him up and have him signed to three records instantly.

Mundrah is a guaranteed dance number; it has already topped the charts in America and Canada and rocking the clubs and dance floors. The traditional vocals and modern Punjabi beats have amalgamated in to a chart topping hit. Manj from RDB not only found this talented singer but also can be seen in the video and giving some backing vocals to LD’s first single.

Manj Ral states, "His album has been put together by RDB and is a complete Desi touch to what is normally put out from our camp. This just shows the versatility of RDB's power of production from Urban music to Bollywood to hardcore Desi. There are three videos shot for the album with a forth on its way; LD is set to conquer the Desi market across the globe with his traditional raw vocals.  ‘Laddi is a bundle of talent; he knows his music and is super talented. We’ve got big things planned for him and excited for his UK release on May 1st."

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Laddi Aujla - Mundrah (Video)