Panjabi By Nature (PBN) - Crowd Pleaser (Out Now)

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The time has come and the wait is over for the Bhangra album of 2010. PBN releases his fifth album ‘Crowd Pleaser’ on Limitless Records!

He’s delivered hit after hit and has an unfailing record for putting out huge crowd-pleasing tracks featuring the very best of international and home-grown talent. His latest offerings, the chart topping ‘Kaun Nee Jaandah’ featuring The Dhol Foundation and the recent collaboration with H-Dhami ‘Gereh Kad Dee’ have Bhangra fans eagerly awaiting the new album. Immensely positive reactions by audiences and the industry to exclusive radio previews of the album have set ‘Crowd Pleaser’ up to be another hit album.

PBN shows off his versatility behind the production desk with a real mix of tracks for all audiences on the new album. There’s the pure desi offerings; ‘Kaun Nee Jaandah’, ‘Gereh Kad Dee’ and ‘Kaun Nachdi’ which is sung by PBN himself!

Taking things back to the old skool, PBN had the pleasure of working with legendary UK Bhangra band Heera. ‘Lak Hilda’ is a nostalgic number that will transport you back to the 80’s with its traditional melodies and live music feel.

Then there’s something for the ladies to party to with ‘Boli’ featuring the popular Miss Pooja. A dance floor number with a traditional giddah beat and catchy chorus. PBN decided to experiment and do a really unexpected remix and collaborated with the UK Garage pioneer MC Neat. The ‘Boli Remix’ sees PBN step out of his more common Bhangra production style to mainstream dance, successfully fusing Miss Pooja’s Panjabi vocals with bassline and MCing.

Not forgetting something for those that enjoy easy listening tracks and something to chill out to, PBN brings back the much loved Master Rakesh on ‘Hai Soniyeh’ for a smooth RnB style track which perfectly compliments the talented singers voice. Liyakat Ali lends his vocals to a sentimental number ‘Pyaar’ with live drums and a pleasant acoustic feel.

With 8 tracks, exciting collaborations, experimentation of genres and of course PBN’s undeniable ability to manipulate and create unforgettable beats and melodies,  ‘Crowd Pleaser’ is set to be pleasing crowds for a long time.

Crowd Pleaser – Tracklisting:

1.    Kaun Nee Jaandah - The Dhol Foundation & Daljit Mattu

2.    Gereh Kad Dee - H-Dhami

3.    Boli - Miss Pooja

4.    Hai Sohniyeh – Master Rakesh & Lexeye

5.    Lak Hildaa - Heera

6.    Pyaar - Liyakat Ali

7.    Boli Remix Miss Pooja & MC Neat

8.    Kaun Nachdi - PBN

‘Crowd Pleaser’ is out now in stores and digitally on Limitless Records.

[Podcast] Panjabi By Nature (PBN) Interview on RaajFM

PBN - Kaun Ne Jaandah

Click Here for the FULL VIDEO to 'Kaun Ne Jaandah'

(UK) Crowd (USA) Crowd (CANADA) Crowd


0 #27 karran 2010-08-07 12:28
i dont know where to but it from, i have been wilmslow road (i live in manchester) and no-one seems to have it, any ideas where else it might be?
0 #26 Lakhan456 2010-07-22 22:49
This is probably the worst album ive heard all year..especiall y with it being PBN makes it even more of a let down
Gautam ABC
0 #25 Gautam ABC 2010-07-20 00:39
Due to a rare iTunes technical issue, Crowd Pleaser was not available for a short period. We are pleased to announce that the album is now available on:-




The album is a real treat featuring Miss Pooja, The Dhol Foundation, Daljit Mattu, H-Dhami, Master Rakesh & More!!! The Hitmaker is back :)

- ABC Digital Distribution
+1 #24 trax 2010-07-17 23:48
Quoting Gautam ABC:
PBN "Crowd Pleaser" Out Now... Download on Amazon MP3!!!

what hap[censored]ed to the itunes link? bulk buying shame on PBN, you should set an example of true fan support not doing it yourself, that what hap[censored]s when you start bragging :P
Gautam ABC
0 #23 Gautam ABC 2010-07-17 23:19
PBN "Crowd Pleaser" Out Now... Download on Amazon MP3!!!
Rana ss
0 #22 Rana ss 2010-07-16 23:18
Only one half decent track and that is kaun ni jaandeh, again it's a kind of follow up to jaan panjabi. All the other tracks are good but nothing new and appealing, kaun nachdi is second best.
0 #21 waynee 2010-07-16 19:01
What a Rubbish album, A couple of average tracks!! A pure let down from his last album
Gautam ABC
0 #20 Gautam ABC 2010-07-15 12:21

iTunes Technical problem... will be live again very soon!

Alternatively check out emusic
0 #19 lcv 2010-07-15 00:21
That sucks that itunes haven't got the album. hitmaker don't need to bulk but his releases something new every month rocking stuff.
dj hans
0 #18 dj hans 2010-07-14 23:54
Quoting critic:
are the links wrong for itunes, cant find the album just the two singles? another artist bulk buying and got banned lolol

Yeah the album isnt on itunes been removed. Bulk buying hmmm interesting one for sure, how else would people top charts in hours/day if they were not buying their own music :-*
0 #17 critic 2010-07-14 23:05
are the links wrong for itunes, cant find the album just the two singles? another artist bulk buying and got banned lolol
0 #16 Jas2010 2010-07-14 18:29
Love the album! The Heera track is amazing...Diamo nds are forever! cant wait for the Vid!

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