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UK Shox - Ready 2 Shine (Out Now)


Twilight Promotions Records are pleased to announce the new release of 2010 with the singing debut album release of UK Shox entitled “READY 2 SHINE”. The music comes from a variety of upcoming music producers Jkd, Twilight DJ’s, Mad Mo Productions and Gorilla Chilla.

UK Shox based from Rotherham, United Kingdom, is of Arabic background and sings in a variety of languages including Panjabi and English which is in the album for his debut release to showcase his many talents and give something different to the listener.

Furthermore, UK Shox has just signed a deal to appear in an UK based English movie entitled “Cautious Steps” which he will be filming in the coming months (further info log onto and an upcoming Bollywood movie which he will be singing a track has been finalised.

UK Shox is now ready to shine onto the music scene with his debut urban album after years of performing across the UK on many stages.

The album consists of 9 tracks and the sound is of a western urban UK sound and is targeted for the youth culture of the UK and abroad. The album features a Desi Bhangra song “Dil Legai” which is available for free download on the artist Facebook and Myspace official site. Other styles include Bollywood, Pop, Arabic and more.

The album features the MC talents of Joe Hype, Gorilla Chilla and Thrilla MC amongst the 9 track album.

The project is supported by a video which has been shot in the UK for the track “Dil Legai” and is circulating the TV channels and Internet currently. Two more videos are currently being shot and due to be aired late February and early March.

Check out the promos below!

Track Listing:

1)    Har Pasay

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2)    Dil Legai – Desi Mix

{audio}media/Music/Jan10/02 Dil Legai Desi.mp3{/audio}

3)    Kuyoo Tu Door

{audio}media/Music/Jan10/03 Kuyoo Tu Door.mp3{/audio}

4)    Tere Peechay ft Gorilla Chilla

{audio}media/Music/Jan10/04 Tere peechey.mp3{/audio}

5)    O Yaara O Yaara
6)    Sohni Odo Lagdi ft Joe Hype
7)    Bhuladengay
8)    Aja Aja
9)    Dil Legai – Urban Mix ft Thrilla MC

UK SHOX - ‘Ready 2 Shine’

Singer:        UK Shox
Album:        Ready 2 Shine
Music Producer:    JKD, Twilight DJ’s, UK Shox, Mad Mo Productions & Gorilla Chilla
Label:            Twilight Promotions Records
Release Date:       OUT NOW!

For further information and updates on and other online sites and social networks. Or contact Twilight Promotions Records on 44 (0) 7854698146 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For bookings contact UK Shox on 44 (0) 7949119454 

Cautious Steps movie info

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