Shafqat Amanat Ali - Kyun Dooriyan (Video)

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Kyun Dooriyan

Shafqat Amanat Ali's New Album - Kyun Dooriyan out soon on the Music Today Label!

Electrifying power meets heart-rending emotion in Shafqat Amanat Ali’s voice. This very depth and versatility is the essence of Kyun Dooriyan. An unmistakable progressive spirit underlying the rich melodic maze of the songs stirs the soul.

Drawing from the wealth of literary and inherent musical treasure, Shafqat Amanat Ali, son of the legend Ustad Amanat Ali Khan embarks upon yet another awe-inspiring quest.

Featuring an exciting array of high-energy rock tracks and stunning romantic ballads, the lyrics spanning different languages, the haunting compositions and the striking sound canvass, all align and weave together to complete the unique musical fabric of this album.


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Track Listing

1  - Kyun Dooriyan
2  - Kya Haal Sunawan
3  - Jaayein Kahan
4  - Mahiya
5  - Naukar Tere
6  - Naal Naal
7  - Saada Dil
8  - Paharhi
9  - Tu Hi Sanam
10 - Wo Jaanta Hai
11 - Kartar (Darbari) Bonus track

Releasing Feb 5th, 2010

He has also sung a track from the movie “My name is Khan” – starring Shahrukh Khan, releasing Feb, 12th 2010.

Kyun Dooriyan


-1 #2 Gharana 2010-01-14 19:12
no mention of him being pakistani and taking bollywood by storm typical ind industry this is releasing on AAG Records in Pak
0 #1 xxpakirxx 2010-01-14 10:34
looking forward to this one, any promos please?

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