Y-Vern Beats ft Bakshi Billa - Jatt Punjabi (Out Now)

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Combining the art of Punjabi folk instrumentation and a passion for creating raw energy on stage; Y-Vern Beats are a three man musical outfit who are set to launch their breakthrough with their debut single ‘Jatt Punjabi’ Having originated from a history in the live performance circuit, Y-Vern Beats are ready to take years of mastering their art and performing live onto a new platform and unleash the sounds of Y-Vern Beats.

Best described as a hybrid between folk and fusion, Y-Vern Beats consists of members; Harry, Kully and Bally. All three bring their distinctive musical experiences and talents to make up Y-Vern Beats. Having grown up together in the city of Leicester, the cultural melting pot of England, the trio have been learning tirelessly over the years, patiently perfecting their craft, relentlessly performing live.

Harry Rai is a multi talented producer and beat maker, thriving on the challenge of pushing boundaries, his diverse outlook on music attributes to the eclectic sound that Y-Vern Beats create. Not one to think inside the box, Harry attributes his wide-ranging musical influences in the development of the Y-Vern Beats sound. Alongside being a talented percussionist, Harry considers experimental acts such as Kanye West and as his biggest musical influences. Responsible for the funky chords, the infectious melodies and the thumping bass lines, Harry is the creative force driving Y-Vern Beats, marking his stamp on each song.

Harry goes onto explain his vision for Y-Vern Beats: “We want to see fusion of Punjabi Folk with a style that has never been seen before. Hard hitting funky grooves with electric chords that will see Bhangra music embrace a new style. It’s what I’ve always tried to put into my music, something that reflects my diverse musical upbringing”

Kully Manku has spent years under the strict and influential guidance of Ustaad Indi Singh Soor (Dhol Enforcement Agency) where he has thrived. Now at the age of 21; Kully excels in the performance of classical Punjabi instrumentation. More notably Kully is an experienced dhol, dholki, tumbi & dadh musician. This ability to perform live gives Y-Vern beats it’s raw, edgy sound, helping it inject pure energy into their live performances, energy that transcends onto the dance floor.

Y-Vern Beats is made complete by Bally Sandhu, who brings forth his urban influences into the trio. A naturally gifted DJ, Bally has spent years spinning and mixing some of the hottest urban joints. A progression into beat making and production was a natural move for Bally, influenced by the ever growing bass line scene in the UK.

When these three young talented individuals combine in the studio, the Y-Vern Beats vision explodes into an unstoppable creative force, with three equally contrasting style colliding together resulting in a refined, unorthodox sound. A history of live performance means over the years Harry, Kully and Bally have developed their own unique take on music. The Y-Vern Beats outlook on music is simple; stay true to your roots, but never be afraid to experiment.

Y-Vern Beats are set to launch their debut single shortly, featuring the vocals of Bakshi Billa on iTunes

...The art of Panjabi folk instrumentation and a passion for creating raw energy on stage, are you ready for Y-Vern Beats...

Jatt Punjabi is out now on iTunes!

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adil hanif
0 #17 adil hanif 2010-02-09 12:13
yoo" jatt punjabi" !!!!!sik song" yo" !!!!!!!!!
-1 #16 SatiStyle 2010-02-08 15:44


loving the tune

and ppls jatt aint a caste its a race
+2 #15 indfooo 2010-01-24 14:13
coming out jan 29th !!!
0 #14 jhoomer 2010-01-24 09:17
is it out yet?? any download link?
Sanj Radio XL
+1 #13 Sanj Radio XL 2010-01-22 13:14
This tune sounds great!
Definitely looking forward to playing it on my show!
-1 #12 Ajay. 2010-01-19 22:51
This song sounds sooooo sick its unbelieveable,
The only thing that kinda annoys me thought is the fact it's JATT Punjabi.
It could've easily been tweaked a little with the lyrics say maybe Ek Punjabi or Saare Punjabi. Outcasting other casts is pretty stupid tbh. It ruined such a brill song and such brill vocalsssssss.
This cast stuff's pissing me off tbh.
0 #11 JasJohal 2010-01-04 20:40
Quoting ghetto:
When is it being released?

end of the month mate
0 #10 ghetto 2010-01-04 12:38
When is it being released?
king singh
+2 #9 king singh 2010-01-02 17:53
dont sound ghost produced to me all the best guys!
0 #8 ghetto 2010-01-01 18:59
Ghost production at the start of the year lol
0 #7 Topman 2009-12-31 17:19
Quoting Peep:
Club banger, but thats it

for a new group.. thats the best thing you can ask for really. a 'club banger' gets your name out there faster.
+2 #6 Peep 2009-12-31 15:20
Club banger, but thats it

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