Jay Sean feat. Ajaxxx - Ride It Remix (Video)

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First, we brought you the popular Ride It Remix. Today, we bring to you the Ride It Remix video, featuring the sensuous vocals of R&B singer Jay Sean combined with the enticing rhymes of rapper Ajaxxx. The video creatively places Ajaxxx‘s verse into Jay Sean's song. As ‘Jaxxx steps to the mic, he raps, “I'm chillin' with some women and sippin' on my drink, Bacardi and lime, that's when we had our eyes link,” escalating the seductive mood the song sets.

Since Jay Sean released the video for “Ride It,” and perhaps even before, many have attempted to rap over its alluring beat. None, however, have truly been convincing. Search YouTube or Google for “Ride It Remix” and you'll find nothing remotely comparable to Ajaxxx's version. He tackles the track with a smooth  and nonchalant flow,  but at the same time keeps it grown  and sexy.

Be sure to visit Ajaxxx's website and download his latest mixtape, “The Set-Up”, which also features the “Ride It Remix.”



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Quoting GGGGG:

ur moms crap buh im not complainin pfftttt.....
+1 #3 pritty 2010-04-15 14:02
helloooo... i love this song!!!!!!! xx
sofy n niki
0 #2 sofy n niki 2010-01-27 16:07
sic one luv u im a big fan ya seee ..............x x
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