Anita Lerche ft. Cheshire Cat - Maahiya (Out Now)

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Anita Lerche ft. Cheshire Cat - Maahiya

She took the Punjabi Music world by storm with her release “Heer from Denmark ” Captivating audiences across India with her unique and electrifying performances. Huge crowds and fans flocked to see her across India when the blonde bombshell hit with her Punjabi rhythms and soundtracks.

Along with many other accolades Anita was also a winner of Best Nri Female Debut at the MH1 awards in India including receiving the prestigious acknowledgement by Punjabi University, Patiala, for her grand work for Punjabi language and culture.

Most recently Anita Lerche wins the prestige “World Track of the Year” at the recent Danish World Awards 2009 that took place in Copenhagen Jazzhouse.


Her brand new song “Maahiya” featuring Cheshire Cat was chosen as the winning song. The track was produced by Flavasia (Kully B & Gussy G) & written by Dev Raj Jassal of UK.

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/AnitaLerche_Maahiya.mp3{/audio} - Listen Promo

The song “Maahiya” is now released as a single and you can buy it online or on The Official Anita Lerche Website. Anita is currently working on projects to be released in 2010 as well as touring and performing across the globe enthralling audiences with her unique performances.



asif husain
0 #3 asif husain 2010-01-08 05:30
hi yes she puts punjabi singers to shame sick singer will be a big hit and sucess because most punjabi singers want to move away from the roots tradition and culture shes keeping the punjabi culture live and kicking
0 #2 vikz 2009-12-08 21:13
she does not put punjabi ppl to shame. shes jus a woman that loves the punjabi culture and the music and she loves doin what shes doin. i have respect for her. its hard for a non cultural person to pull of something like this but anita lerche has done her h.w and she speaks and understands punjabi aswell. wat can you say the womans agenious.
0 #1 . 2009-12-08 00:09
she puts many punjabi singers to shame!

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