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Asha Jassal - Diwana The Album (Out Now)

Diwana The Album is a cross over three different languages; Hindi, Punjabi and English.  The music on the album is a fusion of various styles from Bollywood, Club Electro/Trance to Desi, Urban, Regga, and many more.  You have to listen to the album which is out 4th December!

Promoting new talents and working with various producers showcases, the 13 track album with renowned and up and coming producers, is what "AJ MUSIC RECORDS" is all about.

Working with Bee2, the legendary pioneer of Punjabi music, Mr Kuljit Bhambra and from Mumbai Jayanta Pathak who had the hit with Times Music with 'Jalwa' and DJ DEV who is leads the album with the big Bollywood/Club track 'Diwana' which is currently being aired on many TV and online media.


The album further brings the new talent, "Desi Swat" on the Night and Day track and Rapmasterrav with one of the remixes on the album.

Working with mainstream re mixers 'RIPPER PRODUCTIONS' who has already worked on many remixes for the likes of Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Jusitin Timberlake have remixed a track on the album.

Track Listing/Produced By

1.  Diwana - DJ DEV Remix

2.  Loving You  - Bee2

3.  Kub Milanga Hum - Kuljit Bhambra/Philhip Saatchi

4.  Jind Mahee - Bee2

5.  Breakloose - Philhip Saatchi/Kuljit Bhambra

6.  Night and Day(Original) - Desi Swat Productions

7,  Asha for Peace(Hindi) - Jayanta Pathak

8.  Diwana (Original) - Allen Zipper

9.  Night and Day(Urban Mix) - Desi Swat Productions

10. Asha For Peace(English) - Jayanta Pathak

11. Night and Day(Club Mix) - Allen Zipper Rapmasterrav

12. Hypnotised - Philhip Saatchi

13. Diwana(Bonus Remix) - Ripper productions

{audio}media/Music/Nov09/ashapromo.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Jind Mahee/ Diwana/ Night and Day