Dr Zeus & Sharmilla - Zindabaad (Out Now)

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The highly awaited album by Dr Zeus and Sharmilla is finally out release via iTunes. The album is titled 'Zindabaad' and will feature the now well known single 'Headline' among others!

{audio}/media/Music/Nov09/Headline.mp3{/audio} Headline Promo

{audio}/media/Music/Nov09/Gallan.mp3{/audio} Gallan Promo

Where ever Punjabi's have settled in the world, they have made their mark. Establishing not only successful communities, but they have upheld their Punjabi Virsa, mother tongue, and Punjabi shaan. Such an embodiment of Punjabi aan and shaan is unleashing in August 2011.

Dr Zeus is back with a new exciting offering, paying his humble homage to Punjabi's worldwide.'Zindabaad Punjabi, Zindabaad Hi Rehan Geh' Zindabaad is ingenious, valiant, something old yet so new, and undoubtly, creative quality at its finest. It infuses not only those familiar desi resonances that form the basis of Punjabi heritage, but also invites invigorating, innovative and diverse fusion of east and west. The creation of Zindabaad, is graced with Dr Zeus' signature Desi and Urban beats, unified with Sharmilla's distinctive folk vocals, and combined with raps and adlibs from Shortie Lil Lox. A hit making team giving you a musical experience of the highest order.

Every element of Zindabaad has been put together to showcase the best of what Punjabi music has to offer. Zindabaad is unquestionably the epitome of eastern roots meeting western panache. Lyrically it has everything from contemporary subject matters to traditional style lok taths delivered in a way that can be appreciated by all. Zindabaad promises not only to revive yaadan Punjab diyan, but generate an explosion of pure entertainment.

Official Tracklisting

1. Zindabaad

2. Yaari - Jattan De Puth

3. Headline

4. Chamaka di Maar (Boliyan)

5. Gallan

6. Wal Wangu

7. Gadiyan (Rasta Remix)

8. Izataan (Lok Tath)

9. Headline (Bloodline Summertime Remix)

10. Zindabaad (Bloodline Summertime Remix)


Zindabaad - Dr. Zeus & Sharmilla


0 #34 0000 2011-09-27 16:53
Got the original cd today through the post and all i want to say this album is brilliant, you all need to go get the proper cd and listen to it on a good system.
0 #33 Keepitreal 2011-09-19 09:55
Album has 2 good songs on it. The rest of the album is not as great as the earlier stuff. Dj Sanj's album was better. Guess I was wrong .Zeus cannot maintain a standard without Kam Frantic.
0 #32 ishqmachine 2011-09-17 18:20
Guys, it's not really amazingly original and it's not a new sound. It shows how Dr. Zeus is still using his formula, same beats, same grooves, even the same samples! Shortie sounds a bit out dated now. All things considered, it's still very well arranged and recorded. The sonic quality is "boom" as they say and melodies sound good. This album is what you expect from Zeus, nothing to write home about but listenable. Same old, same old, not as versatile as other producers like Kam Frantic. 7/10.
pop star
+2 #31 pop star 2011-08-28 18:03
Respect to Zeus for promoting a good vibe!

Envy Admin
0 #30 Envy Admin 2011-08-28 05:15
Thanks for the support for the Zindabaad album and helping it reach No.1 in the world iTunes chart within hours of release.
Keep supporting - we do take all your comments into consideration.
You will never need to wait as long for future releases as Envy Entertainment has established itself around the world.
We will be releasing regular music from a range of artists.
The next two months promise to be exciting times for all music lovers.
Dr. Zeus & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Album coming out.
Envy also Presents..
Kanika Kapoor - A new stunning singing sensation produced by Dr. Zeus
And.The biggest Summer edition to the Envy Crew..
Envy, are proud to welcome Amrinder Gill to the Envy Family-A Dr. Zeus presentation.
Watch out for the new album by Bloodline (Bubble & G.S.L) the best up and coming producers in the industry.
Also, a new Pakistani superstar to be announced next week.
For official updates and news:
Twitter @EnvyEnt_Music
Facebook - Envy Ents
Youtube Channel - EnvyEntertainme ntLtd
bhangra singh
0 #29 bhangra singh 2011-08-26 17:22
wicked album top job zeus and sharmilla underrated singer for sure.
-2 #28 jasdeep14 2011-08-25 12:45
very nice Gippy Grewal
-1 #27 zaildarr 2011-07-23 13:58
rumour is that this not being released yet??
+2 #26 doc. 2011-07-23 02:03
yes jaswindeer bubble and gsl are the new thing they made some awsome new songs on manpreet sandhu. This album is going to be a banger been a long wait but hopefully the wait will be awsome there's always going to be haters.
zeus still has his touch thats why so many people are going mad about this album
-2 #25 Jaswinder12 2011-06-06 16:44
Bubble and GSL are ment to be the new boys on the block with envy. apparrently they are sick!!!!! and even mr "zeus" said himself on the brit asia interview!!
gabru 1981
0 #24 gabru 1981 2011-01-08 23:58
Zeus had allowed releasing this and instead released Manpreet Sandhu – The Spirit (Music: Dr Zeus).. i honestly don't know what this guy's doin, cos the album sounds crap.. zeus has lost his touch.. he can't reach the levels of success he had with 'unda da influence'
+7 #23 Jayyyyy 2010-10-30 13:50
I've lost hope in this releasing now.

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