B Projekt - Blindfolded (Out Now)

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It’s being billed as the first ever Urban Asian album to be made by an Indian producer with the smash hit single ‘Ni Soniye’ Ft Juggy D. Blindfolded has taken fans across the globe by a storm and is all set to hit the UK shops this week.

This 10 track album boasts addictive beats, fusing melodies and talented artists such as Master Rakesh, G Deep and Raja Wilco. The album has 8 Punjabi tracks and two popular Bollywood tracks ‘Yeh Galiyan’ and ‘Aye Mere Humsafar’ revamped by B Projekt.

Blindfolded released in India a few weeks with a three city launch Mumbai, Chandigarh and Delhi and has hit number 1 in all the music charts across the country.


This Friday (20th November) see B Projekt and Juggy D perform Ni Soniye live in London for the first time ever! At the exclusive London launch party@ Tiffinbites.

B Projekt ft Juggy D - Ni Soniye (Full Video)

Exclusive Interview with B Projekt


1. Ni Soniye feat. Juggy D & Raja Wilco [VIDEO TRACK]

2. Club Tere Naal Nachda feat. Master Rakesh & Mc Bob

3. Naal Nachona feat. G-Deep & Raja Wilco

4. Blindfolded feat. Josyln John , G-Deep , Mc Bob & Raja Wilco

5. Vich Giddhe De feat. G-Deep & Shehzaad

6. Pyar Kahani feat. Shehzaad

7. Ni Soniye feat. Shehzaad (Acoustic Mix)

8. Ni Soniye feat. Juggy D (Electro House Mix)

9. Yeh Galiyan (Remix)

10. Aye Mere Humsafar (Remix)


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