Terry Mardi Presents M.I.L.A.D - Love Flow (Video)

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Terry Mardi (music producer and media mogul) has recently Desified the "Persian Prince", M.I.L.A.D.

Born in Tehran 10th June 1985, M.I.L.A.D also known as Milad (meaning birth), family moved to Sweden.  Like most young boys his age M.I.L.A.D started early life wanting to be a footballer, although secretly behind closed doors he was developing his personal passion, as again like most young boys growing up in that era he was hooked on Michael Jackson.  He began writing hundreds of poems and eventually family, friends and school teachers discovered that he was a naturally gifted writer. Growing up in the early years M.I.L.A.D in his own words had a “normal” life since his father was a very successful businessman, owning several top sports teams in Sweden and winning continuous medals and titles with the various sport teams he owned. He was also the first ever person to create a Women’s Iranian football team which in the early 90’s was unthinkable.  Everything changed however when his mother took him and his sister to England as his father remained in Sweden. This was a very difficult time for M.I.L.A.D not being around his father and seeing his mum having to struggle so hard financially to make ends meet. At the age of 11 he made a choice that whatever he was to do in his life, it would be to make a positive difference in people's lives. He had 3 different paths of interest he could choose between: Music (fuelled by his exposure to Pop Icons such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, 2 Pac, Eminem), Football (fuelled by his Dad’s love for the game and being a fervernt Man Utd supporter as his first home in England was Manchester) and believe it or not Politics (most probably inspired by his background).

Writing songs and making music at home on his computer led to him creating a handful of demo tracks that eventually fell into the hands of music producer, artist manager and media business owner, Terry Mardi. Spending time with Terry Mardi, a self made successful music producer and entrepreneur who understood the values of positive thinking and heartfelt writing, M.I.L.A.D grew his Myspace fan base and since then this young talent has attracted an impressive 1.4 million plays on his myspace page ( .

Terry Mardi is quoted saying: "I have strived for 15 years now to push the boundaries of how Desi's are perceived in the Media, not only do we have rich culture and history but we actually have many solutions in the East to the problems in the west. The problem has always been self belief. I am a firm believer in our people, our culture, our heritage and it's always nice to educate non-desi's and DESIFY them. M.I.L.A.D is no stranger to DESI CULTURE, he was an unsigned artist on BBC Asian Network years ago and despite not being Asian in the obvious sense, he has already performed at Asian Mela's and events across the world, proof that the middle eastern and Asian cultures are indeed very similar, I hope that I have delivered a good sound for him, i want to make quality music, as our people deserve the best".

“Peers in the music industry were shocked when I decided to work with M.I.L.A.D being Indian myself they couldn’t understand why I would get involved… however I didn’t  care. I am extremely proud of his achievements so far, however what makes me most excited is the fact that finally the Iranian youth have a young role model to look to for inspiration and freedom. It reminds me of when the Asian community latched on to Jay Sean and the Hispanic kids embraced Enrique in their early careers. The best thing about M.I.L.A.D is what he writes about, so young but been through so much and to top it off his voice sounds unique I love that about him, he is immediately identifiable. I always say to people; hey imagine if Kurt Cobain was alive and decided to make urban music with songs co-written by 2 Pac or Eminem, well that’s what M.I.L.A.D reminds me of... Ha Ha, I know it’s crazy, but you just have to wait to hear this album, it’s got some of the world’s best musicians on it too, I am giving it my 110% on the production to create something unique that will make you feel good, if you are fed up of the same formulaic music coming from every other current pop artist, then this album is for you”.

M.I.L.A.D quotes, "I would like to thank all the Simply Bhangra Team and readers for their support and am happy to accept the Asian community as my own and am learning a lot from my mentor and producer, Terry Mardi, since Iran is historically a major part of India's culture and vice versa, not a lot of people know that I actually started on the Asian scene and then my own people, the persians, adopted me as their pop hero having seen what Desi's do, I am inspired and like to call myself an honorary Desi as granted by Terry Mardi himself who as you know is Mr.Desi. Thanks to all my fans and I look forward to seeing you all on my forthcoming world tour"

Official site for M.I.L.A.D

Official myspace for Terry Mardi


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