Dj Roxxi & Lx Seth - Love Money Power (Out Soon)

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The Indian music scene has been for years an industry that has been plagued by racism and barriers. The entry barriers for artists are so high that some give up to soon. In the past 4 years, two individuals have been breaking down these barriers and striving for equality.

Indian entertainment seems to only survive on parody. It seems that success can only come via making fun of a culture that is based on spiritual peace. Two incredible artists have joined to end such ridiculous stigmas.

Lx Seth is South Africa's first Indian male music export. He is the first and only pop star to be signed to two record labels at the same time in one year. (One international and one local).

Dj Roxxi is South Africa's first Indian female club Dj and Producer who has notched up many impressive events and awards in the last 3 years.

Together these two power house brands have come together to release a project known as LOVE MONEY POWER.

Both artists have been in the industry for a very short period but the successes they have achieved is remarkable. However don’t be fooled by music videos and international albums or headlining big events in Ibiza and South Africa. These artists have faced their fair share of hardship in a very difficult industry. They have had to compete with jealousy, negativity and rejection.

When we asked both individuals what they attributed to their successful careers they both agree that the simple answer is that they never gave up and stayed true to their brands and never sold out.

The duo describes the new project "Love Money Power" as a very contemporary album playing in international sounds. But both agree that the project is like nothing you have ever heard.

"I think people can expect something very different from our sound. Together in the studio I brought my house flavor and infused it with Lx Seth's distinct RNB edgy sound to result in a unique sound like no other." said Roxxi

"I’ve entered the industry as a pioneer in my field releasing my records and topping charts. I feel its time I break the barrier again with this sound added Seth.

The single "HIT ME" which will be out in a few weeks is already garnering much hype within industry circles. The single will be released worldwide as well as specific remixes being released in Asia, Australia, Mauritius, UK and USA.

The music video will be shot in the next few weeks under the contract of Seth's 15 music video deal with Riyash Misra.

In a time where Jay Sean is topping USA charts and the UK has steady stream of Asian artists, Lx Seth and Dj Roxxi are confident that this track will lead them to chart success.

Check out a preview of the track and special behind the scenes videos of this project on you tube


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