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Shahin Badar - Andheri Raat (Out Soon)

shahin badar

The Amazing Asian chantress who has received a double platinum disc and a place in music history for her outstanding vocal performances Shahin Badar is releasing her amazing new single and video! "Andheri Raat" (Dark Night) From her fantastic eclectic album " LAILA"!

Award winning singer songwriter Shahin Badar has without a doubt emerged as one of the most accomplished and outstanding crossover commercial female Asian vocalists in the burgeoning UK and Asian music scene. Her innovative musical collaborations has seen her team up with respected Mainstream and Asian producers such as Oscar winner A.R Rahman and acts like the great dance giants The Prodigy on 3 UK No. 1 albums emanating from Shahin's distinctive Alaap chants on the controversial international Smash Hit "Smack My Bitch Up" to "Get Up Get Off", featuring Twista and Juliet Lewis.

Shahin Badar's unique Chant has left a mark internationally and captivates the hearts of million's across the globe even today. Her collaboration with Indian Ropeman on the single '66 Metres' charted no 16 in the UK independent Charts.

Her Team up with Dance maestro Tim Deluxe on the single "Mundaya" was chosen as "Essential tune of the week" by Radio 1 DJ Pete Tong. Tim and Shahin were especially invited by Pete Tong, to perform the track live on his show. Shahin also makes an enchanting vocal appearance for the UK Lloyds Advert The Scottish widows which was covered by all the National UK TV channels.

She has also featured in over 30 Hollywood and Bollywood films including Academy nominated Closer and Charlie’s Angels, US sitcoms North Shore and Kevin Hill including her collaboration with Oscar winner Ar Rahman on Shyam Bengal’s 'Zubeidaa' and Mani Ratnam's 'Yuva'. Having won and nominated for several award's. Shahin was also one of the Judges for the Great Britain/Miss Universe contest and performed alongside 50 cent in Lebanon.

The amazing new single and video "Andheri Raat" (Dark Night ) is due for release soon and has been taken from the outstanding Album "Laila" Which is now available from HMV and itunes.

"Andheri Raat" ( Dark Night ) has been beautifully written, and performed by Shahin Badar, with the magnificent production of Oblique Cut's. The powerful, dramatic and heartfelt performances show the amazing talent and professionalism that will lead Shahin into becoming an international sensation.

The song "Andheri Raat" directed by Toby Gorman, tells the story of the anguish and devastation a young girl feels when she finds out that the one she loves has deceived her, she tries to cope with the feeling of loneliness and hurt. The darkness of the song highlights some of the inner feelings of loneliness which also captures an innocent smile of a betrayed woman.

The anger and deceit is portrayed in Shahin's dramatic and unique vocal performance.

Shahin Badar is a consummate professional ,role model and inspiration to many young and mature people, Shahin’s work has been consistently covered by mainstream international specialist TV, Magazines and Cinema mediums All around the world.


Come listen to the beautifully haunting and distinctive vocals of Shahin Badar, "A Truly Amazing Song by a truly unique Artist "!