Culture Shock Trio ft Twista - Dil (Listen Now)

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{audio}/media/Music/Oct09/CULTURE SHOCK TRiO ft. TWiSTA - DiL (produced by lomaticc n babakahn).mp3{/audio}

Dill (Heart) Second Smash Single from Culture Shock 2: Black Market Edition featuring Hip Hop Superstar Twista

(Toronto ON)On October 21st, Baba Kahn, Lomaticc and Sunny Brown will unleash the second single from Culture Shock 2: Black Market Edition, Dil (Heart). This second massive single will feature hip hop superstar Twista, who for years has reigned at the peak of Billboards Top 100 charts.

The Grammy-nominated artist reached number one with Slow Jamz and number six with Overnight Celebrity, both produced by Kanye West.

On Dil (Heart), Twista helps create the most dynamic and dance floor-igniting single you’ll hear this year, and yet another example of the Culture Shock trios ascendance to the top of not just urban desi, but urban music as a whole.

We were already confident that we had a massive song on our hands before the addition of Twista, said Kahn. But with his enthusiasm for the music we create, and, of course, his immense talent, we think that we have created a truly inspired sound. Something I hope our fantastic fans will really appreciate.

In honor of the albums Black Market name, the song can be stolen from the groups website -

To crack the Culture Shock safe and join the Black Market Movement, all you have to do is go to the website and submit your email, or make your Facebook profile picture the "Dil (Heart)" cover art. You’ll then receive not only the song, but a personal message from the trio with exclusive information about the album. Be prepared. Be excited.

One week later on October 27th, the worldwide release of Culture Shock 2: Blackmarket Edition will continue the genre-bending global domination of its predecessor. Along with Twista, Culture Shock 2 will feature emerging soca star and Major Lazer emcee, Lexxus, whose gritty wordplay is featured on the song Smash Dip.

CS2 will contain 15 brand new independently produced tracks including singles Bombay Bo, Dil (Heart), old school throwback jam. Love Song, endearing ballad 5 Million Kisses, King, In Your Eyes, and the remarkable and infinitely memorable RnB, synth-pop smash Slip and Fall. The song is already a massive hit online, heard by hundreds of thousands without the album even being released. Culture Shock 2 drops October 27th.

Afterwards, stay tuned for even more Culture Shock: Black Market Edition releases. The trio will wrap up the decade with more brand new tracks, including Exed Up, featuring hip hop titan and platinum-selling rapper Fabolous.

Be a part of the Black Market Movement download Dil (Heart) now. And steal the music October 27th


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