Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)

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Organised Rhyme Presents


Northern Lights have signed up a five-album recording  and management deal with the new UK-based independent record label ‘Organised Rhyme’ by label head Saty Gill.

The forthcoming album ‘Re-Lit’ will feature top Punjabi vocalists such as Master Saleem (‘Ik Vaari Haa, ‘Dhol Jageero Da’), Ashok Gill (‘Main Ho Gaya Sharabi’), the late Kaka Bhainiawala (‘Jawani’, ‘Daaru Pee Ke’), Labh Janjua (‘Mundian To Bach Ke’, ‘Soni De Nakre’), Lehmber Hussainpuri (‘Ah Ni Kuria’, ‘Das Ja’), Bobby Maan (Gurdas Maan’s Protege) and more.

Watch out for club anthems such as ‘Put Jattan Da Bounce’, ‘Nakreh’ and ‘Akhan De Ishareh’ accompanied by classic anthems ‘Ishqeh Da Tumba’ (written by Gurdas Maan) and ‘Aashiq Bethe Neh’- in fact, there are so many hot tracks on this album you should be prepared to get ‘Re-Lit!’

With a total of 12 tracks plus 4 remixes jacking up the play list (including remixes of ‘Janaab’ and ‘Wrong Number’ from the debut album’ Sparked’), the album boasts club bangers and evergreen flavours that showcase Northern Lights talent as a world class artist and producer.

Watch out for the slick & stylish “Nakreh” Music Video shot on Red One Cam, Directed by Mandeep Singh Jutla

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Akhan De Ishareh - 1m23s Audio Clip.mp3{/audio} Akhan De Ishareh Promo


30th OCTOBER 2009




+1 #13 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)notexactlyafan 2010-02-08 03:14
who produced the album for you this time tarv? how many spliffs did u provide for the producer this time? who did u rip off for equipment and vocal buys this time? the album doesnt speak for itself as you may put in defence.
some of the album sounds pretty good i must admit, so well done to whoever was really behind it this time. i know, you know and lil' dev knows who really did what musically. there are people who treated you like or even better than a brother, who went out their way and did things to help you, were they ever repaid? who rightfully owns the triton u 'make music' on? who paid for it? the list goes on.
0 #12 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)chakdey 2009-11-17 10:23
yo critic! what s up bruv,

you seem to be the only one who does not rate the album, i mean the rest of the asian music industry seem to love it and rate it(Quote BBC asian Network) go onto iplayer and see how they rate it! but respect bro you must the industry critic, i mean i listened to it and reckon the album covers most of the punjabi bhangra genres for a wide audience from various age groups, but who am i! you know best!!
as for the original crew, i never heard of northern lights before so went out and brought the first album, very good kicking beats totally different from the regular sound, the second album is just as innovative and fresh!! so one member of northern lights id still going strong, new album, new label, working on lots of major projects, i did'nt realise he did mumzy's show girl!
but who am i to judge, your the critic, i just support the asian vibe so iots always going to be positive bruv. :lol:
-4 #11 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)critic 2009-11-06 23:55
What do people think about this one? To the comment below best album wtf, has to the label or the boys behind the album for sure. Rate this 4/10 cant see it doing well at all without the original crew.
+5 #10 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)zafar 2009-10-31 20:35
totaly brilliant album. not same same old tunes this is totaly fresh. i would say best album out this year, or this will be right up there. great work northern lights.
little Dev
+4 #9 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)little Dev 2009-10-26 20:54
Nice one Tarv, sounds sick. all the best bro, just smash it.
scotsman who knows
0 #8 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)scotsman who knows 2009-10-26 20:30
reference for laky & ??, Dev was just a drummer and if you ask him he'll tell you that himself, the production of this album was done by the true artist of northern lights AKA Tarv! did you hear mumzy's showgirl track, im sure his management will verify Northern lights AKA Tarv did that one. I mean come on if dave has the talent i am sure here can come up with his own production! so why has it not hap[censored]ed ??
but lets no quote facts, good luck to any asian artist trying to make go of it and break into the main stream, you should support them all!! not have your typical small village mentality!!
-2 #7 ?? 2009-10-26 19:41
Quoting laky:
This can not be the original Nothern Lights, with out Dev. The true artist of Northern Lights.
Tarv has ripped Dev off for the name and some of the tracks.

But what goes around comes around Tarv....

Where is dev?

and who did this album
-2 #6 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)laky 2009-10-26 19:17
This can not be the original Nothern Lights, with out Dev. The true artist of Northern Lights.
Tarv has ripped Dev off for the name and some of the tracks.

But what goes around comes around Tarv....
+3 #5 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)Raaj 2009-10-23 20:10
Trak And A half tooo sik
+1 #4 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)DPX 2009-10-19 00:43
Northern Lights are the best!!! MIRZA BOLIYAN was an insane track!!! :)
+3 #3 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)ramata_b 2009-10-18 12:25
about time these lot been off scene for ages
+4 #2 RE: Northern Lights - Re-Lit (out now)sunnypanjab 2009-10-17 03:52
This is an amazing song, I cant wait for the album been waiting ever since the last Northern Lights album as it was amazing, please please please, blow up the scence again lads. :-)

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