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Scarbone & Dj Upside Down - High Definition (Video)

Bone, better known as Scarborough's rapper Scarbone, returns with "Part 1," his Second major Half-length release with massive hits from SACRED SIN RECORDS. Since he first burst on the scene in 2003 with his impressive solo debut, "Can't let you go," Scarbone has proven himself to be more than just a maker of hit records. Scarbones striking good looks, impeccable sense of style, and charismatic personality.

"Part 1" marks the next phase in the evolution of Scarbone as an artist. Featuring production by longtime collaborators the J britto, as well as KAY-TO, and a host of others such as DJ Upside Down ( ,

"Part 1" delivers just the mix of street bangers and love hits that the fans have come to expect from SCARBONE.

Quotes Scarbone, "The album (Part 1) is a solidification of why I mention the word life why Im known as that, and a continued progression of what Ive done musically and with my career, some songs will be club bangers and some will have deep lyrics".

With surefire hits like "My baby" and "My life..." is a mixture of two personalities that fall within his life experiences which packed on to the project, coupled with Scarbones tireless focus and determination to progress and stay on top of his game, there is no doubt that the "Motivated Rap Phenomena" will continue to reign supreme.

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