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Ricky Bhalla - The Final Cut (Out Nov 09)

Ricky Bhalla prepares to release one of the most anticipated debut albums in years, titled ‘The Final Cut’

Featured Artists: Kaka Bhaniawala. Lembher Hussainpuri. Dippa Dosanjh. Amar Arshi. Sanjay Dhaliwal. Soni Atwal. Suky Pawar & Cheshire Cat.

Birmingham born Ricky Bhalla is one of the hottest deejays on the Asian music circuit.  Having perfected his talent for many years, it was only natural for him to progress onto producing an album.

Under the guidance of Limitless Records, Ricky originally featured a track on the smash hit album ‘Jaan Panjabi’.  Since then he has been busy in studios both in the UK and India recording with some of the biggest singers in bhangra namely Late Kaka Bhaniawala, Lembher Hussainpuri, Dippa Dosanjh and Amar Arshi.

Three high budget videos have been shot for the album in the UK and India.  All videos will be airing across all TV stations shortly.

The album features big hits such as ‘GIDDEH VICH’ featuring the Late Great Kaka Bhaniawala and ‘SHAUNK’ featuring the firm favourite Lembher Hussainpuri.

So get ready for…  ‘The Final Cut’

The album will be available on CD at all Asian Music Outlets and for digital download at iTunes