Twin Beats - Sounds of Punjab (Promos)

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Set to make their mark in the Bhangra industry, with over a decade of dj'ing experience in both the club scene and the roadshow market; Twin Beats have torn-up dancefloors worldwide.

After years of developing their production skills, they are eager to exhibit yet another facet to their talents. Twin Beats are ready to release their debut album, offering gritty old skool desi rhythms intertwined with groundshaking urban beats.

With the vocal talents of some of the most distinguished vocalists in the industry, along with an arsenal of dancefloor ready tracks, the debut promises to establish the duo and to make them recognised as credible Bhangra producers as well as DJ's.


Track Listing Singer

01 - Dil Vich Tareya - (Late)Kaka Bhaniawala

02 - Nath Digpaye - Sudesh Kumari & Jelly Manjitpuri

03 - Kach Di Glassi - Bakshi Billa

04 - Tere Nain Nashiley - Bikram Singh

05 - Nanke V Dhadke - Rani Randeep

06 - Kar Gayian Sauda - Sabar Koti

07 - Twins Tappe - Jaswinder Daghamia

08 - Mitran Naal Gidhe Vich - Anil

09 - Challa Ishq De Rang - Romesh Chohan

10 - Marda Lalkara - Bakshi Billa


{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Twin Beats - Dil Vich Tareya - Kaka.mp3{/audio} Dil Vich Tareya  - Kaka Bhaniawala

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Twin Beats - Nath Digpaye - Sudesh Kumari - Jelly Manjitpuri.mp3{/audio} Nath Digpaye - Sudesh Kumari & Jelly Manjitpuri

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Twin Beats - Twins Tappe.mp3{/audio} Jaswinder Daghamia- Twins Tappe

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Twin Beats - Tere Nain Nashiley.mp3{/audio} Bikram Singh - Tere Nain Nashiley

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Twin Beats - Kach Di Glassi.mp3{/audio} Bakshi Billa - Kach Di Glassi




0 #10 Nihalu 2009-11-24 16:56
Big Album, Big Tunes

0 #9 DPX 2009-11-07 18:06
"Gussa jatt nu fisatt jadon chadh da... laal mai dha koi na moore khadh dha!" Chak de Billa Bakshi!!! I'm totally buying this CD!!! :)

"Pandaran pindan ch sunda... jatt maarda jadon lalkara"
0 #8 Kangstar 2009-10-22 09:54
This is gonna be a big album man, heard the promos and that sauda track is crazy,

Deffo contender for album of the year in my opinion, because lets face it, this year hasnt been the best.

+1 #7 suivtye 2009-10-13 23:26
hey guys should really check out "scarbone" on youtube or on simplybhangra hes a brown guy out of Canada wit his latest music video "high definition" and also new single "my baby" teaser on youtube check it out peace "support the Punjabi's"
+1 #6 Jsingh 2009-10-13 22:57
kaka song is sickkk and having bakshi billa on the 2 tracks, makes it crazzzyy...
no doubt its gonna be a phat album. lookin forward to it.
Ama Dulay
+1 #5 Ama Dulay 2009-10-12 21:46
This looks like being one of the albums of the year,its ashame Dil Vich Tareya and Nach Digpaye have had loads of radioplay,a defo must buy album,especiall y like the Daghamia track Tappe and Bakshi Billas Kach Di Glassi(hes got a bit of Manak about him),good to see Sabar Koti on the album and Rani Randeep
+1 #4 DGP2890 2009-10-12 17:24
Daaaayyyyaaaaam !!! this is gonna be one hot album man, cant stop listening to the promos!!

Def gonna BUY this one.
+1 #3 DPX 2009-10-12 05:23
Oh dang! New promos! Shyt man! I will BUY THIS!!! PUT IT ON ITUNES!!! God!!! All these songs are crazy!!! Billa Bakshi & Jaswinder Daghamia tracks are [censored]in killer!!!
jassi bains
-1 #2 jassi bains 2009-10-11 23:44
jaswinders track sound phat, something different in this album, shame about the low budget video
+1 #1 DPX 2009-10-11 00:00
Holy shyyt! NATH DIPAYE is sick!!! Jelly Manjeetpuri & Sudesh Kumari! Damn!!! The Kaka Bhaniawala track is also sick! :D

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