Roti feat Kim Davis - Lets Get Away (Video)

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Did you hear the news about ROTI? Well he went up to Canadian R&B diva KIM DAVIS and simply said Lets Get Away . Davis was last scene boarding a plane with King Roti. As you can see Roti is already making headlines in the Canadian music industry and is set to release his brand new single, produced by international Hip Hop producer FONZ from Dramatic Trax, Lets Get Away feat Canadian R&B diva Kim Davis.

If you havent packed yet, Roti has promised that after listening to his new single we will all look at each other and say: Lets Get Away.

Roti has been in the Canadian urban music scene since 2006 and he has worked relentlessly to make a name for himself in the world of rap music. Roti has since then released 6 mix tapes, 4 promo cds, 5 videos and 4 radio singles and has done countless shows throughout the Toronto area.


He has now released his 6th video for Lets Get Away in hopes of taking his craft to the next level and not to be labeled as just a rapper but an artist. Roti efforts to brand his name in the music scene does not stop there, you can now catch him in his new starring role on City TVs newest reality show Conviction Kitchen airing prime time 10 pm Sunday nights where he plays himself, a rapper/cook.

King Roti is a rapper on the rise and is set to make this industry by storm. With an upcoming U.K. tour, album in the summer of 2010 and special upcoming features from artist such as Snow and Alias Donmillion, Roti is giving the music fans what theyre hungry for more Roti.

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