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G S Chaggar - Blacklisted (Out Now)

Releasing October 12th

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GSChaggar is a twenty-six year old turntablist/ music producer from the Midlands, UK. Having played the dhol in bands for many years, he decided in 2004 he would turn his attention on becoming a music producer... Thanks to his talent of the dhol and turntablism, GSChaggar connected with audiences with the very first listen.

A Dj/Turntablist of instinct, GSChaggar has a flair for mixing catchy songs that leave the listener moved by the raw emotion in them. Although his roots are firmly placed in traditional UK Panjabi music, he draws inspiration from many different lyrical and musical influences. "My style is my own..I can produce songs, mix songs and can say that’s my own style".
It is that versality that has landed his song with Master Saleem “Chardi Jawani” that is surely giving him the recognition that it deserves.

Music is not a new passion for GSChaggar however: after learning the dhol for 3 years, GSChaggar started working with songs at the tender age of 12: "I used play keyboards round school and everything that made a sound around the house until I eventually picked up the dhol at 14!", he says jokingly. But it wasn't until joining local band “Notorious Dhol Gangsters” at 17 as dholi and bhangra dancer, that he decided to make music his life passion. For the next several years however, life took him through many travels around the world, from the UK, to India.

The biggest journey was music. Music, truth be told, was never far from his mind. "I always knew it was a matter of time until I started to show interest to music, even though my experience within the music industry had me at boiling point on several occasions. The only thing that kept me going was the drive from all the experiences and failures within my life, encouraging me to continue.”

Now GSChaggar - is sharing his time between djing and producing his next future ventures and spending plenty of time in the studio working on new material to publish in the near future.

Based on the reception of his latest compositions, the future looks promising for GSChaggar

Track Number / Tracklisting / Singer:

01 - Chari Jawani (Master Saleem)
02 - Balle Balle (Bakshi Billa)
03 - Talli (Ashok Gill)
04 - Veer Da Viah (Sarvjeet Kaur)
05 - Dhol Te Dugga (Bakshi Billa)
06 - Hor Gaye Dewaneye (Labh Janjua & Chesire Cat)
07 - Nach Da Dj (Manjeet Pappu)
08 - Mitti Mitti (Romesh Chauhan)
09 - Coming To Get Ya (MC Creed)


{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Chari_Jawani_Sample.mp3{/audio} - Chari Jawani

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Balle_Balle_Sample.mp3{/audio} - Balle Balle

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Hor_Gaye_Sample.mp3{/audio} - Hor Gaye Dewaneye