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Roach Killa - The Revolution (Out Now) [FULL album Promos]

Loaded with big beats and bass-lines, there is no doubt that “The Revolution” will be shaking up the dance-floors across the UK!

The long-awaited debut album from Roach Killa brings together a mix of up-beat dancehall anthems and mellow reggae and hip hop infused tracks. These are smoothly combined with desi, sufi, and qawwali influences to deliver unique sounds that have never been heard before.

With slick production from the talented Manchester-based producer, Surinder Rattan and an impressive line up of established and up and coming artists, it is one of the most progressive albums to hit the scene.

It has 11 tracks and features a range of artists from a cross section of genres. From the original raggamuffin Apache Indian to Canadian hip hop artist Blitzkrieg, qawwali singer Shahid Ali Khan, r’n’b vocalist Freedom and the rising desi meets sufi artist Joga, “The Revolution” is world class album that caters for every musical taste.  The single, “Pardesan” featuring Joga is currently number one on Bobby Friction's top five favourite tracks on BBC Asian Network.

Speaking about the sound, Roach Killa said: “I have been working with Surinder Rattan for the past five years and we really wanted to bring out a sound that was completely different. Hopefully, now, we have achieved what we wanted to with this album but that’s for the listeners to decide.”

Roach Killa is no stranger to the industry, having made a name for himself by featuring on a number of tracks by established artists such as Miss Pooja, H-Dhami and Shin from DCS.  Now with the release of “The Revolution,” it’s time for his talent and potential as a solo artist to finally shine through.

“The Revolution” is out now on iTunes

Listen to promos below.

1.Yara Dil Dara feat Shahid Ali Khan

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/1.Yara Dil Dara feat Shahid Ali Khan.mp3{/audio}

2. Thora Thora

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/2. Thora Thora.mp3{/audio}

3.Hey Gyal feat Apache Indian

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/3.Hey Gyal feat Apache Indian.mp3{/audio}

4. Pardes feat Joga

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/4. Pardes feat Joga.mp3{/audio}

5. Revolution

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/5. Revolution.mp3{/audio}

6. See Tomorrow feat Freedom

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/6. See Tomorrow feat Freedom.mp3{/audio}

7. Soul-Jah feat Joga

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/7. Soul-Jah feat Joga.mp3{/audio}

8. Puff Dat

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/8. Puff Dat.mp3{/audio}

9. Ghora feat Blitkrieg

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/9. Ghora feat Blitkrieg.mp3{/audio}

10. Maa feat Shahid Ali Khan

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/10. Maa feat Shahid Ali Khan.mp3{/audio}

11. Killin em feat Skelitor and Maria Marcial

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/11. Killin em feat Skelitor and Maria Marcial.mp3{/audio}