Parichay ft Neekita Nigam - Kahe Barse [Listen Now]

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Parichay, Urban Desi Artist with his debut album "No Boundaries" has released his fourth single from his album. His first three singles: 'Deewana Tera (She Makes Me Crazy),' 'Kasam Se (I Swear),' and 'Rabba (Only God Knows)' have dominated the charts.

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"This song takes us back to the roots on Indian music. The vibe and sound of it is very different from what I'm used to producing or singing on & although there is no urban influence, I take immense pride in this song as a producer & singer.

It ain't based on a straight 4 or 8 bar loop as most urban tunes are, the melody is key, the chords are creative with powerful lyrics and overall, considering the fact that both Nikki and I are only in our mid-twenties, I'm glad we were able to pull it off well :)

Kahe Barse is my mom/dad's & all my uncles/aunties's fav record off the :)"

Parichay gears up for the international release of "No Boundaries" September 10.

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