DJ Pinkz & Mentor feat. Harsh - Money (Video)

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Presenting new and exciting British Asian RnB talent. Here's a teaser for ‘Money’, which fuses the production talents of DJ Pinkz and Mentor with the soulful vocals of budding singer-songwriter Harsh for a catchy summer track.


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From North London, Harsh grew up to a soundtrack of 70’s and 80’s soul and RnB, influence of which can be clearly heard in his smooth tone on ‘Money’. Surrounded by a creative and encouraging family, Harsh began singing and songwriting at a young age. To master his art and talent he went on to study Music at college and then gain a Bachelors in Music Technology. In 2006, he launched an independent musical project, ‘Soul'd Out’ which lead to his first break on Ministry of Sound's 'Garage Classics' album working alongside Phonetix and Wideboys.

Harsh’s vocals on his latest release are reminiscent of 90’s RnB artists like Horace Brown and combined with funky synths and a catchy chorus it’s a definite sing-a-long track for this summer. Currently signed to independent label Pinkz Productionz and working with DJ Pinkz, Harsh aims to storm the music industry and revive commercial UK RnB with the release of ‘Money’.

The track marks the start of a new project and career for well known club DJ, DJ Pinkz. Starting as a young teen, over the years Pinkz has established a name for himself as an RnB DJ in the British Asian music scene. In 1996, still just a teen; he gained a ‘Best DJ’ nomination. Pinkz has been on the DJ circuit for over nineteen years and has worked along industry stalwarts like Rishi Rich and Sanj J Sanj and also worked with H-Dhami and Mumzy as their tour manager. Teaming up with one of the industry’s well known producers – Mentor who has produced for artists like Jay Sean and Juggy D, DJ Pinkz embarks on a journey to combine his experience and knowledge of Urban music and apply it to producing a new sound for the British Asian music scene.

Catch DJ Pinkz dj'ing and Harsh performing with full band across London this summer.

‘Money’ by DJ Pinkz and Mentor featuring Harsh is due out on iTunes end of August 2009.



0 #2 sanj_s 2009-08-05 09:51
Not another asian RnB! whats hap[censored]in g, there should be some old school bands reappearing to keep bhangra alive :sad:
0 #1 amz. 2009-08-04 18:19
Another asian RnB, is it the rainy summer in UK that everyone is trying to escape to the USA in the hope of fame :D

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