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Navin Kundra Returns with Mehbooba (Listen Here)

Navin Kundra's Fantastic new single 'Mehbooba' is here!

Navin Kundra has been hard at work recently, the Coventry based singer has been in the studio finishing up his brand new single “Mehbooba” and it’s now ready! The song is a feel good club number for the summer and has been very well received on Navin’s recent travels, from local Melas and festivals to international venues as far out as Dubai. Navin also performed at the prestigious South Asian Excellence Awards in New York earlier in the summer.

“Mehbooba” is produced by the legendary Mushtaq and is the follow to the smash hit ballad “Tere Liye” which stormed to the top of the charts and has been a firm favourite amongst fans for weeks.

{audio}/media/Music/July09/Mehbooba_Navin_Kundra.mp3{/audio} Listen to the track here