Swami - 53431 (Out Now)

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53431 - a new compilation showcasing the Swami journey so far ..

From the band's early Bhangra VS Asian Underground sound-clash origins that laid the roots of the Desi Beats sound with tracks like Big Beat Thumbi and Mehbooba (hand-picked by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen for inclusion in their Hollywood debut movie, New York Minute), to the paradigm-shifting rap-rock-bhangra vibes of Don't Hold Back and DesiRock (which reached a global audience through inclusion in the multi-million selling FIFA World Cup 06 videogame), to the international urban desi pop sounds of Hey Hey and Electro Jugni which saw Swami once again flip the script by adding a female dynamic to the band for the first time.

53431 features the highlights from the previous Swami albums Desi Nu Skool Beatz, So Who AM I? and EQUALIZE alongside two brand new songs from the band's forthcoming studio album to be released late 2009. As an added bonus, 53431 also includes two remixes by BBC Radio 1 DJ's Nerm & D-Code of Shiva Soundystem that have dominated London's underground club scene over the last year.

The first of the 2 new songs, Sugarless has already began to blow up with heavy worldwide airplay and the online play count rising dramatically every day. BBC Radio 1's Bobby Friction & Nihal are amongst many heavy supporters of the new song, with Bobby stating that Sugarless represents “the future of Asian music” after it went straight in to his chart at #1.

Never afraid to embrace the future, the band are set to be one of the first international acts to premiere new music via the Twitter network – stay locked to to stay up to date.

Swami are also set to launch an international brand of clothing with vintage 'DesiRock' and futuristic '53431' T-Shirts now available at

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+1 #3 NameJatt_9 2009-07-24 12:17
Take a look at the cover

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+1 #2 2009-07-19 15:25
:/ not feeling that and why the name '53431'
+1 #1 raja. 2009-07-14 09:33
had the track on the radio, sounds good for sure, thanx

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