Immortal Productions - Chaurasi 84 (Promos)

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Inspiring vocals, haunting music and spine tingling lyrics blend together in unison to take us on an epic journey. A journey where the path is drenched in blood, littered with hacked bodies and overflowing with the tears and anguish of our people. Immortal Productions returns to recount that journey, to provide a small window with which we can see the torment of Panjab and Sikhi in India. However, this brutal path also echoes tales of heroism and valour of those Sikhs who decided to die on their feet rather than live on their knees.

1984, changed the face of modern day Sikhi, nothing will ever be the same again. The blood that flowed through Panjab like a sixth river sweeps through the tracks as a plea for us to never lose sight of our plight in India . The traditional Panjabi Dhad, Sarangi and Kaveeshar fused with contemporary music pay a fitting tribute to our fallen brothers and sisters, and instill an overwhelming sense of pride in those who chose to defend them. 25 years have elapsed since the harrowing attack on our Harimander Sahib and the ethnic cleansing that followed. Not a single person has been convicted for the murder of 250, 000 Sikhs, justice continues to elude us. However, the fight continues, and this CD is a humble part of that fight. Available at the official launch in Loughborough at the Mahaan Shaheedi Smagam on 5th July 2009. The album can also be purchased from the BOSS Stall website.

The album will be avialable to buy online with free shipping worldwide from the BOSS Stall. Look out for special deals on other IP gear and remember that all sales from the BOSS Stall go into seva.
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Track List

2 TERA ANTH Pavitar Singh Pasla & Specialist 'N' Tru-skool
3 IK BHINDRANWALA Sukha Singh and Tigerstyle
4 KAR TYARI JAANE NU Pavitar Singh Pasla & Immortal Productions
5 P.O.W. G.N.E. & Nayr Cross
7 GURJANT SINGH Jagowale & J Flex
8 SIKHI JAZBAAT Sukha Singh and Tigerstyle
9 1984 MC Ji & Steel Bangle
10 PARNAAM SHAHEEDA NU Jagowale & Nikka Sev Aka Inside Man
11 SOOREH SHER PANJABI Bhupinder Singh & Dakhu
12 KADON CHADHEGAN PANJAB DIA SURJA Balwinder Matewaria & Moneyspinner & Time Productions
13 OUTRO Immortal Productions



{audio}media/Music/July09/Chaurasi/Chaurasi 84 - Tera Anth sample.mp3{/audio}Tere Anth

{audio}media/Music/July09/Chaurasi/Chaurasi 84 - Ik Bhindranwala sample.mp3{/audio} Ik Bhindranwala

{audio}media/Music/July09/Chaurasi/Chaurasi 84 - Kar Tyari Jaane Nu sample.mp3{/audio} Kar Tyari Jaane Nu

{audio}media/Music/July09/Chaurasi/Chaurasi 84 - P.O.W. sample.mp3{/audio} P.O.W

{audio}media/Music/July09/Chaurasi/Chaurasi 84 - Sikhi Jazbaat sample.mp3{/audio} Sikhi Jazbaat

{audio}media/Music/July09/Chaurasi/Chaurasi 84 - Sooreh Sher Panjabi sample.mp3{/audio} Sooreh Sher Panjabi

{audio}media/Music/July09/Chaurasi/Chaurasi 84 - Kadon Chadhegan Punjab Dia Surja sample.mp3{/audio} Kadon Chadhegan Punjab Dia Surja


+1 #11 Sunny_c 2010-01-06 01:57
sick album mayn love this shaheedi album
sj dhaliwal
+3 #10 sj dhaliwal 2009-08-10 10:50
oh kom de gadar ne jo sant ji nu hate krde ne oh ik mahan saksihat san.
Bikram Singh 92
-12 #9 RE: Immortal Productions - Chaurasi 84 (Promos)Bikram Singh 92 2009-08-06 18:24
This stuff is whack. It used to be good. But now, this is just waste.

I always hated Bhindrawala and still do. This album will be a complete failure by tiger-style! Shame
Saint Soldier
+2 #8 WJKK WJKFSaint Soldier 2009-07-19 11:05
Keep the Faith Alive and Remember Where you come from....always to know where you are heading. Never lose perspective of the struggle!

Mani K
+4 #7 Bhangra industry take noteMani K 2009-07-09 14:15
this is the best one so far from the shaheedi albums. great to see specialist and [censored] working on this project. i think uk bhangra needs to diversify and start to address some social issues instead of churning out same ol stuff. these albums have shown how powerful music is and the impact that it can have. 8)
Bhinder Avala
-11 #6 torkus morkus orkusBhinder Avala 2009-07-09 04:13
this stuff used to be sooo good.
this sucks now.
and i think bhindranwala is dink too. i dont like him. he's soooo mad and mean.
+2 #5 psb 2009-07-08 23:12
tere anth is sucha sik trak!! specialist n tru skool smashed it again!
+1 #4 UK SINGH 2009-07-08 14:22
I thought the Parnaam Shaheeda Nu track sounded brilliant wicked twist with the guitar work espically the electric guitar work reminded me of Michael Jackson's Beat it lol however its by far the best track ive heard Jagowale on
Nek Singh
+1 #3 Nek Singh 2009-07-07 19:25
jagowale's parnaam shaheeda nu track would of been perfect if the simple dhadi style had been kept throughout the song, when the guitars kicked in it just ruined it, other than that its a solid release this yr from IP
+1 #2 Chaurasi 84UK SINGH 2009-07-06 21:37
I think the best songs on the album are Tru-Skool and Specialist - Tigerstyle - Inside-Man and Jagowale and the rest were shit but in the sense of music wise not lyrics but big up to everyone because they are doing seva at the end of the day...

Never forget 84!!!
+1 #1 Charsobees 2009-07-06 15:05
gona buy this [censored] n jagowale love themmmm

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