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iQ, The-Rebirth (Promos)


Desi Hip Hop

"Join the Revolution - Witness the Rebirth"


BEST OF BOTH WORLDS ENTERTAINMENT INC, brings to the table a flavor of Desi Hip Hop like never heard before.   Inspired and Managed by iQ with his Producer DezertEagle, BoB Inc is ready to drop their first explosive 15 track album in August 2009, 'iQ, The-Rebirth' ft. Bohemia.


'iQ TheRebirth' is not just one man's story, but a revolution of Desi's around the world who understand who they are, where they’re from and where they’re going. A revolutionary force undaunted by present day perils…a force aspiring to reach the highest forms of existence…a force ready to stand up and conquer any challenge.

August 15th 1977, 30 years after India’s freedom, a soul was born to a family of Freedom Fighters. iQ’s life story resonates with many: immigrating to the US at a young age, watching his parents’ strive to make it, struggling to assimilate or create an identity for himself in the American Jungle.

He has walked both sides of the line – Indian and American – Good and Hood. Every step of the way, he has always felt an unseen force, a guiding light, an underlying purpose behind his existence and all occurrences. Although he has been in the states for over 25 years – his zeal and enthusiasm towards India’s upliftment and culture has been unwaivering. Speaking four different languages, living with four generations under one roof and mentoring Indian Youth during his spare time – he not only ‘talks the walk’ but ‘walks the talk’.

In his debut album ‘The Rebirth’, he speaks the truth…straight from the heart.

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  1. Good Over Evil
  2. Tryst With Destiny
  3. India Girl ft. Manasee Vyas
  4. Chura Liya
  5. Shaan
  6. Dhakta Rahe ft. Ishmeet Narula
  7. Maa ft. Manasee Vyas
  8. Boldiyan ft. DezertEagle & Ent2Raj
  9. Chalo ft. Bohemia
  10. Dance To Your Beat ft. DezertEagle & Manasee Vyas
  11. Innocent ft. DezertEagle
  12. Rain ft. Ishmeet Narula
  13. Oh My God
  14. Look The Other Way
  15. Duad!

{audio}media/Music/July09/Maa.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Track 7 Here

{audio}media/Music/July09/1_4 Chura Liya.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Track 4 Here

Desi Hip Hop