Boom Boom Pow - Groovemaster Refix (Listen Now)

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Renowned London DJ, Music Producer and Songwriter, Groovemaster Chaz  has given the latest hit Boom Boom Pow a Desi Refix! 

Groovemaster Chaz was born and raised in West London and has been in the music industry for over a decade dj’ing around the world from India, Austria, Italy and Australia. The Groovemaster has had a passion for music since childhood and began playing the traditional Tabla, Dholak, Dhol broadening to the Trumpet, trombone and keyboard. His mixing resonates the fusion of music and beats influenced from the East and West as well as his producing skills being “diverse”, yet musically brilliant!

The Groovemaster is famous for his regular stints at Shanti in Birmingham fusing Indian beats with house and electro break beats and hosting his weekly club night in central London ‘ Kandy Nights’

The Boom Boom Pow Refix is just a taster of what this talented producer has up his sleeve! Groovemaster debut single will be releasing next month!

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Boom Boom Pow - Groovemaste.mp3{/audio} (Listen Here)


dj Sam
0 #2 dj Sam 2009-06-20 10:09
lolol Dj Kayper does one now we have another Boom Boom Pow mix :-x
Give him credit you cant compare him to her but sure has the talent, keep it up
0 #1 Guest 2009-06-09 20:57
lolol Dj Kayper does one now we have another Boom Boom Pow mix :-x

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