DJs INC - Extended Play (EP Out Now)

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Djs Inc are back after a few months with their follow up EP – Extended Play. After releasing “A New Age” with the hits Na Roko featuring, Surinder Shinda, and Nachle Soniye, featuring Kaka Bhainiwala, the E.P continues with established singers, Mohinder Kaur & Charanjit Bawa with Anjuman Hussainpuri.


The Tracks


Delhi Sher Di:


Mohinder Kaur & Charanjit Bawa first appeared on to the music scene with their classic dance floor hit Giddah Pao Haan Deyo, Maar Maar Ki Tali”. Originally released back in the 80s was a huge success. Even until this day, a regular track for all DJs and Radio stations.


After such a long break, they have decided to collaborate with top DJs and music producers Djs Inc with the track  “Delhi Sher Di”. The song is a duet sang in the same style as their original hit, but fused with modern electro sounds giving it a funky house vibe. With their unique voices, the producers have definitely brought them back to 2009! A big one for the clubs!

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Delhi Sher Di.mp3{/audio}




Peeniya is sung by Anjuman Hussainpuri who originally appeared on “Death Jamm 2004” with the hit “Boliyan” alongside Lehmber Hussainpuri, produced by Sound Ministry.


This time alongside DJs Inc, they together have fused traditional bhangra, with heavy basslines, and upbeat music. The track is slightly controversial, being a female talking about drinking, and also commenting on Lehmber Hussainpuri’s wedding.


Nevertheless it’s still a traditional raw Bhangra track!



Out Now – iTunes, Amazon MP3, and all other major online retailers.







+1 #5 Anonymous 2009-06-05 11:06
i like the delhi tune, very different! very 2009! good stuff!
-1 #4 Guest 2009-06-04 15:31
They suck
sick one
+1 #3 sick one 2009-06-03 12:46
delhi sher di! big tune!
-1 #2 Guest 2009-06-03 12:41
The comments below couldnt have been put in any other way, time for djs to keep what they do and leave all this to the professionals
-2 #1 Are you Being Serious?Mr_Manj 2009-06-02 18:54
I heard there first album and that was a joke and seeing them releasing anova album but this time an EP i thought they might have imporved but my gosh!
What kind of crap is this are they really sitting there thinking that this is sounding bad and when there in the studio when its getting mastered there thinking well done boys a pat on the back this is going to smash it?

People are saying Manj Banwait Killed Bhangra with his tune Bhangra never Dies but this is way worse and i can even tell you these lot Dj\'s Inc are crap dj\'s bhangra and punjabi music doesnt need this sort of remixing and when people are daning they dont want to hear this crap! I am failing to understand how people can put time and money into this listen to the final version and be happy to release it this is taking UK bhangra music a step back and i hope these jokers dont release anything more and stick to the Djing where it is alright to add sum Grime,Crunk,Dan ce,Funky house music to a punjabi track for 30 seconds and mix it not the whole damm song! :angry:

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