MENIS - Kool 2 B Asian - The Video Shoot

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  After a bit of a break, Menis is making his return to our airwaves this summer with the release of ‘Kool 2 B Asian’.
Produced by upcoming talent - Producer B, ‘Kool 2 B Asian’ combines Menis’s witty lyrics with a catchy hook to create an anthem which celebrates being Asian.

The video for the single was shot earlier this month and will be hitting screens next month. There are a whole host cameos from industry representatives showing their support and showing that its ‘Kool 2 B Asian’ like Mentor, Rishi Rich, Zee Kay, Mr Kay, Kazz Kumar, Harry Sona, Kami K, Drilla, AG Dolla , Terry Mardi and Swami Baracus.
Known for his tongue-in-cheek lyrics and eccentric beats, Menis’s last release was in 2005 with the album ‘Spot the difference’ and the hit track ‘Sshh’.

The track gained him huge recognition and three UK Asian Music Award nominations for Best Single, Best MC and Best Newcomer in 2006. Since then Menis has been busy in the studio working on his debut solo release as well as hitting the live circuit performing at melas up and down the country and presenting his own radio show online.

The young lyricist uses music to deliver his thoughts and opinions in his own creative and quirky manner. Fusing everything from Pop, Rock, Electro-funk, Indian and Bollywood, Menis refuses to be limited to one genre of music and draws inspiration from both the London and Indian culture and music that surrounds him. His music is a voice of British Asian youth; MCing about issues that are of concern or simply amusing.

Menis plans to bring a lot more  larger than life, boundary free music this year with the release of his solo album.
‘Kool 2 B Asian’ by Menis will be releasing via itunes on 3rd July 2009 and official T-shirts will also be on sale soon through

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