Dj Roxxi Feat Nic Billington - Away (Out 15.05)

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On the 15th  of May 2009, DJ Roxxi will be releasing her much anticipated debut single with a crazy twist. The song entitled "Away", featuring Nic Billington, will be made available on in the form of a FREE download. Uses will be able to log on to the site and download the song without paying as much as a single cent.

Strategic promotions to spread the exciting news of the free download are set to kick in from the 1st of May, when the site gets launched. A counter will appear on the site, counting down the days, hours and minutes until the official launch day. The launch event of the single was recently held at Club Casa Nostra,South Africa where selected media were invited to hear the song, performed live by Nic Billington, for the very first time.

“Away is an exciting collaboration by two of the city’s emerging music stars and, judging by how the song was received when it was performed live at the trendy Casa Nostra in Floride Road, the hip, young crowed will love it.” – Masood Boomgaard, Sunday Tribune.

In an industry where collaborations are eagerly welcomed and viewed as creative works of art, Dj Roxxi and Nic Billington, were only to excited to join forces and drive full speed ahead with their creative licences.

"Away" reflects the rich mixture of cultures and sound that we individually are known for and are distinguished by", said Roxxi and Nic.
“The 2009 single "Away" brings a new sound and vibe together in new and creative ways that will attract fans country wide.” added Roxxi.

The single due for release on May 15 is produced by Craig Massive and will feature remixes by two well know dj's in the industry all with their own smash hits already on high rotation.

"We're thrilled that our combined sound will be reaching out to our community of musicians and their fans ," said Nic.

In a world were marketing via online mediums have become commonplace the duo saw it fit to launch the project simultaneously on the net and via print media.

Word of the free download will reach hundreds of thousands through large social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Youtube, Twitter,, iLike, Ineem as well as many others. In doing this, we’re specifically targeting all computer literate teens and young adult internet users of all genders and races.

"Face book allows us to reach out to other artists and our fans for the fresh inspiration and creativity we need to complete this project," said roxxi. "There are major changes being born with regard to artists promoting there material via the web (sometimes out of the frustration with the current music industry) and as a collective we want to make more direct and meaningful connections with fans and other artists." "Face book and Myspace is the best way for us to do that. We can have an online presence that allows us to engage with our fan and give them samples of our music and update constantly."

The duo, managed by artist management company Brand Boutique, look forward to the release of the single as this marks a brand new chapter in both their lives.

"We are proud to have on board two of South Africa's hottest artists on our books. We truly believe the sky is the limit for these two with regard to their collaboration and wish them best of luck in their musical efforts" said Ruth, MD Brand Boutique


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