Dj Harry - After You (Video/Promos)

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USA based, DJ HARRY from Queens, New York is all set to release his debut album titled, AFTER YOU.

There are many producers who can put out quality music, and DJ HARRY is one of them. No rock will be left unturned on this album as, DJ HARRY showcases the best of USA talent.

Featuring upcoming artists such as Bally Singh, Lal Chand Lala, Ruby, Sunny Singh, and Sukhwinder Panchi. The album consist of clean precise music production which will be listener friendly, with urban bhangra rhythm flavors and uplifting melodies to create dance floor hits.

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/1. Gabru New York Dee - Bally Singh.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Gabru New York Dee - Bally Singh)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/2. Sada Dil - Lal Chand Lala.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Sada Dil - Lal Chand Lala)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/3. Mornie.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Mornie)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/4. Yaara Ve Yaara - Lal Chand Lala.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Yaara Ve Yaara - Lal Chand Lala)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/5. Ban Ja - Bally Singh.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Ban Ja - Bally Singh)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/6. Put Jattan Dee - Sunny Singh.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Put Jattan Dee - Sunny Singh)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/7. Tere Piche - Bally Singh (Desi).mp3{/audio} (Listen to Tere Piche - Bally Singh)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/8. Sheer - Qais JiShort.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Sheer - Qais JiShort)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/9. Yaar Da Viah - Sukhwinder Panchi.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Yaar Da Viah - Sukhwinder Panchi)

{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Harry_Demo/Harry_Demo/10. Tere Piche - Bally Singh Feat.Ruby.mp3{/audio} (Listen to Tere Piche - Bally Singh Feat.Ruby)

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{flvremote divid="various/GabruNewYorkDee_DJHarryFt.BallySingh.flv" popup="true" autostart="true" img="" showstop="true" width="840" height="500" usefullscreen="true" stretch="3"}{/flvremote} {avrpopup type="lightbox" id="various/GabruNewYorkDee_DJHarryFt.BallySingh.flv"}Click here to turn the lights down!{/avrpopup}

Check out the Video - Gabru New York Dee -DJ Harry Ft. Bally Singh.


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nice song

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