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Blow O's - KO The Timeless feat. Kaly, Raja Wilco

Blow O's is one of the collaboration tracks with Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productionsfeatured on KO The Timeless's new mixtape: Crossroads


Not only does this track feature KO The Timeless, but he's also collaborating with two artists who've made quite the wave in the industry, Raja Wilco & Kaly.

Raja Wilco sets the track off in the right manner when he states, " know after a long hit that hookah bar..." before KO kicks off the track. Sureet's production is quite creative in the fact that he's taken a simple sitar beat and reversed it to give this track it's unique sound.

Blow O's is the true hookah bar anthem, and indeed a track which transports the hard party-goers back to the calm, laid-back vibe we all crave for.

Download: Crossroads
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